• Your Best Defense Against The Cockroach

      Your Best Defense Against The Cockroach

      To some, cockroaches are one of the most loathed pests in the world. Their survival abilities are amazing. For instance, cockroaches can live an entire month without food! They can also survive a week without a head - only  dying because they can’t drink water. Types of Main Cockroaches in Houston American cockroach The American cockroach, also frequently
    • Where is Your Cockroach From?

      Where is Your Cockroach From?

      We have been noticing an influx of Asian cockroaches in the Houston area. Although they are similar to the German cockroach, there are differences. Improper identification of this cockroach can result in ineffective control. The Main Differences The appearances are almost identical, but the Asian cockroach can fly, sometimes up to 120 feet! The German cockroach has wings as
    • Understanding and Controlling Cockroaches

      Understanding and Controlling Cockroaches

      Knowing your enemy has been said to be one of the best strategies for defeating your enemy, and the adage particularly holds true with cockroaches. The most effective way to embark on a cockroach extermination or cockroach control plan is to first understand as much as you can about the creepy critters. And as grotesque as the


      The shipping industry provides an excellent vehicle for pests to live and thrive. There are numerous places aboard ships that provide harborage for pests such as rodents, cockroaches, bedbugs, mosquitoes and fleas. Ships may also transport pests to countries where they have no natural enemies. Thus upsetting the natural eco-system. There are dangers that are caused by infested ships aside from the
    • Roaches: Signs to Look For and How They Get In

      Roaches: Signs to Look For and How They Get In

      Roaches. Carriers of filth and grime with a reputation of being able to withstand even the most devastating of nuclear disasters. If you think you may have a roach problem, then you have probably seen one or more roaches in your home, possibly in the kitchen or bathroom. Even if you have a home that you
    • Identifying Asian vs. German Cockroaches in Your Home

      Identifying Asian vs. German Cockroaches in Your Home

      Often considered the only species that could survive a nuclear meltdown, cockroaches have hearty dispositions among their more than 4,500 various species. Of the 30 species that are commonly found around humans, many of them may look alike but are not at all the same. The newest cockroach to be found in the US is
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