Packed with more than 100,000 residents and about 2,000 businesses, The Woodlands, Texas, is a thriving master-planned community. Yet some of its more invasive residents were probably not planned for, although expected, thanks to the area’s humid, subtropical climate.

    Yes, we’re talking bugs and other pests, creepy critters that can invade homes, businesses and the nearly 210 miles of bike and hiking trails the township enjoys. Cypress Creek Pest Control ensures local folks can keep on enjoying their community, with surefire methods for pest control in The Woodlands that work all year long.

    This applies to the hot, rainy springs and summers that bring on the mosquitoes, ants, bees, fleas, roaches, termites and ticks. And it also applies to the mild fall and winter months that come with just enough cold for rats, mice and other rodents to seek shelter in homes and businesses.

    Healthy House Program

    The Woodlands residents can get a regular dose of Cypress Creek Pest Control preventative treatments with our Healthy House program. Here you enjoy quarterly technician visits designed to control the most common household pests.

    With each visit, we inspect and treat your home for ants, roaches, silverfish, earwigs and sow bugs, leaving you and your family with peace of mind that lasts from sizzling summer barbeques to winter holiday parties, with spring soirees and fall festivities in between.

    Commercial Pest Control in The Woodlands, Texas

    With nearly 50 years of pest control experience, you can bet Cypress Creek Pest Control has also serviced our fair share of businesses in The Woodlands and beyond. Commercial customer locations range from high-rise office buildings to daycare centers, healthcare facilities to industrial plants.

    Both commercial and residential pest control in The Woodlands can include single treatments to properties to eliminate or prevent the most common pests in the locality. As a family owned business, we know the extreme importance of keeping your families, employees and customers safe, healthy and out of the range of troublesome pests.

    What Other Pests Invade The Woodlands?

    In addition to the scope of insects and rodents that like to come creeping around The Woodlands, the community should also be aware of some of the more bothersome or even dangerous spiders. The Woodlands is only about 30 miles from downtown Houston, putting it in prime territory for a number of spiders residents should be familiar with.

    Check out the details in our blog: Spiders near Houston to be Aware Of

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