Healthy House Program

    Houston residents can become overwhelmed with each season bringing a new set of pests to worry about – invading your home and lives. In order to provide Houston area residents quality pest control year-round, we developed the Healthy House program, a quarterly residential service designed to control the most common household pests.

    With each visit, we will inspect and treat your home for ants, roaches, silverfish, earwigs and sow bugs, leaving you and your family with peace of mind from summer barbeques to holiday parties.

    From entry into your home to departure, our technicians provide quality service. With our detailed inspection and treatment of the most popular pest hangouts around your home, we guarantee your satisfaction.


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    We Treat the Following Areas of Your Home During Each of Our Visits

    • Kitchen Inspection

      The kitchen can be one biggest culprits for bringing pests into your home. Our technicians will treat all around your home’s plumbing, dishwasher, compactor, under the refrigerator/freezer, microwave and around any additional appliances. We’ll also do a thorough inspection of all food storage pantries and in any empty cabinets and drawers.

    • Utility Room

      We’ll inspect and treat any void areas, under and behind your washer and dryer and in any cracks and crevices.

    • Bathrooms

      We’ll treat the waterline behind the toilet, the waterline under sink, at the base of the toilet and on the floor around bathtub. No space goes missed!

    • Living Room and Family Rooms

      Where you spend the most family time, counts the most. The Cypress Creek technicians will treat the exterior walls and windows, behind heavy furniture, inside of your fireplace and check additional wood you may have stored next to the fireplace.

    • Bedrooms

      No one wants to wake up in the morning with bug bites that leave you itching for days! With our Healthy House program we will treat exterior walls and windows, behind dressers, chests and other heavy furniture. We’ll inspect closets for clothes moths, carpet beetles, silverfish, etc. and where possible, beneath baseboards. Sleep easy at night!

    • Offices

      We’ll treat with caution around computers and electronic equipment.

    • Attic

      Animals and rodents can enter your attic through vents seeking shelter and warmth. We’ll look for any signs of animal infestation, including mice, rats, squirrels and raccoons. Droppings, burrow holes in insulation, chew marks on wood. We’ll look for spiders and wasps, leaks in the roof or near the hot water tank and we’ll look for any openings that may need exclusions to prevent future.

    • Garage

      The purpose of treating the garage is to prevent the buildup of insects in this area to prevent their migration into the home. Possible pests that may be found in the garage are spiders, roaches, mice, rats, and pantry pests. All points of entry into the garage and home including windows and doors will be inspected and treated. The technicians will also treat around any stored wood, around trash and recycle bins, along with any area where bird seed or dry pet food is stored. We’ll also check the doorframe of the garage where it meets the concrete slab. This area is often subject to rotting due to moisture, making it an ideal site for termite or carpenter ant infestation.

    • Exterior

      There are a lot of areas around the exterior of your home that can house pests. We will remove webs and take note of any exterior standing water, full gutters, limbs touching the home, loose shingles that could be considered varmint entry points. Our technicians will also treat under eaves, porches, gutters, around doors and windows.


    Healthy House Premier Service

    Guaranteeing You a Pest Free Home

    The Healthy House Premier Service offers the same benefits of the healthy house service but has a broader warranty. It guarantees protection from over 30 different Houston pests. As well it includes rodent monitoring in the customer’s attic.

    Included Pests


    • German
    • Other


    • Carpenter Ants
    • Fire Ants
    • Pharaoh Ants
    • Rover Ants
    • Ghost Ants
    • Domestic Crazy Ants
    • Argentine Ants
    • Acrobat Ants
    • Pyramid Ants
    • Bigheaded Ants
    • Little Black Ants
    • Rodent Monitoring
    • Pill Bugs
    • Earwigs
    • Millipedes
    • Centipedes
    • Crickets
    • Silverfish
    • Non Poisonous Spiders
    • Pantry Pest
    • Scorpions
    • Carpet Beetles
    • Clothes Moths
    • Wasps
    • Yellow Jackets
    • Gnats
    Not Included

    Bees, Fleas, Ticks, Termites, Carpenter Bees, Bats, Live Animal Trapping

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