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    Cypress Creek Pest Control’s Mosquito Operation started out in 1968 as a summer job for Mark Ivey, fogging for the Champions Community Improvement Association. Mr. Ivey started out pulling a thermal fogger behind his 8N Ford Tractor because he did not have a driver’s license.

    Today, Cypress Creek Pest Control provides Houston mosquito control services to over 800 communities, cities, towns, chemical plants and manufacturing facilities, and operates up to 21 vehicles at night. Each vehicle is equipped with a ULV (Ultra Low Volume) fog generator designed and built by Cypress Creek Pest Control to provide the quality dependable service our clients expect.


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    Take Back Your Yard with Our Mosquito Treatment Options

    Residential Mosquito Control Services

    Houston residents can make use of installing a mosquito misting system around their home’s outdoor areas. The misting system would be set up on a timed schedule to release treatments – no more hassle for home owners!

    We also offer our backyard fogging program to reduce the mosquito population around your home. This program involves sending a technician every 21 days to space fog the yard. As a stand alone service, our certified technicians can also come out the day you or your neighborhood are having an outdoor gathering so everyone can enjoy the event without a strong presence of mosquitoes.


    Community Mosquito Treatment Services

    The Harris County Mosquito Control District was created to control mosquitoes such as the Culex that spread malaria, encephalitis, and Dengue fever and now the new threat of West Nile Virus and Zika Virus.

    Cypress Creek Pest Control can provide a service level acceptable to a community based on the frequency of fogging. Most communities choose to be serviced once per week and supplement this with extra service during periods of high mosquito activity. Cypress Creek Pest Control can has the ability to provide any frequency and level of control to meet budget constraints.

    Commercial Mosquito Control Services

    For the safety and well-being of your employees, Cypress Creek technicians can treat commercial properties. Commercial and industrial applications for mosquito control include fogging large outdoor areas near plants and locations where employees are working outdoors or in open area shops. Depending on the location, we fog these areas with a backpack fogger, ATV mounted unit or one of our truck mounted units.


    More About Our Mosquito Program

    Cypress Creek Pest Control is the largest private mosquito control operator in Texas and is an active member of the Texas Mosquito Control Association and other industry organizations. Clients can be assured that they will get the program to meet their needs. Cypress Creek Pest Control can also larvicide storm drains, retention ponds and other bodies of standing water.

    Cypress Creek Pest Control’s fogging and larviciding programs are designed to control pest mosquitoes in the communities we serve. In no way can any mosquito program totally eliminate mosquitoes, but will keep the mosquito population in a specific area at an acceptable level.

    For more information about mosquito control Houston and our services, please call 281-469-2679 or contact us online.

    Introducing In2Care® Mosquito Traps

    Although the itching and scratching caused by mosquito bites are the common complaints, the real threat of mosquitoes is mosquito-borne viruses. In fact, several varieties of mosquitoes, including the Aedes, are carriers of difficult to treat viruses including Dengue, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever and Zika virus. Mosquito control is the only option to help stop transmission of these viruses.

    To keep your employees and communities safe from these life threatening virus, we are proud to introduce In2Care® Mosquito TrapsUnlike traditional traps, In2Care® Traps are the first to exploit the concept of ‘auto-dissemination,’ resulting in an effective kill of mosquito larvae in the Trap itself and surrounding breeding sites. Not to mention, this is also an environmentally friendly solution!

    Debunking the Top Mosquito Myths

    • Myth 1: All mosquitoes bite humans.

      Fact: Only about half of mosquitoes are interested in humans. The female half. This is because they need the nutrients in blood in order to produce their eggs and breed.

    • Myth 2: Mosquitoes prefer certain blood types.

      Fact: While people with Type O blood have been shown to be bitten more often in certain studies, this probably isn’t about a mosquito preference. ‘preference’ for certain blood types likely has more to do with the fact that people with different blood types may secrete more lactic acid than others, making it easier for mosquitoes to find them.

    • Myth 3: All mosquitoes carry disease.

      Fact: Although all mosquito bites have the potential to cause uncomfortable itching and swollen bumps, not all mosquitoes are carrying diseases.

    • Myth 4: Changing your diet will keep mosquitoes away.

      Fact: Although many people believe that eating certain foods will keep mosquitoes away, it’s simply not true. Mosquitoes may be blood-suckers, but they are not vampires who can be kept at bay with garlic or some other type of food. On the other hand, some studies have shown that people who drink alcohol may be more susceptible to being bitten by mosquitoes, so that may be something to take into consideration.

    • Myth 5: Mosquitoes only hang around swamps.

      Fact: While they do like ponds and other collections of stagnant water for breeding, mosquitoes will hang out just about anywhere if there is access to even the slightest amount of water. Dry spots might be less populated with these pests, but even a small puddle or bucket of rainwater will work for laying their eggs.

    • Myth 6: Because they’re nocturnal, mosquitoes are only out at night.

      Fact: Although they do like to hide away during the heat of the day, mosquitoes can still bite even when the sun is up. Mosquitoes are more apt to choose their activity related to the temperature, rather than the time of day. They like the coolness of the evening which is why they tend to come out when the sun goes down, but it’s best to remain protected during all times of day.

    • Myth 7: Mosquitoes die after biting you.

      Fact: This myth may come from some confusion around certain types of bees who die after stinging a person. As far as mosquitoes go, they are alive and well after biting you. In fact, the simple act of sucking your blood is what allows female mosquitoes to produce eggs—meaning you’ve just contributed to the species growing larger!

    How to Prevent Mosquitoes in Your Houston Yard

    1. Get rid of standing water. Pools of water act as a breeding ground for mosquito larvae so remove breeding opportunities by filling in puddles, emptying children’s toys, and storing garden equipment upside down and/or under a cover.
    2. Drain or fill swampy soil. Any area of soil that collects water after rain can act as an attractive place for mosquitoes to breed.
    3. Mosquito eating fish. Stock your pond with koi, guppies, minnow, goldfish and other types of fish that will gobble up mosquito larvae before they have a  chance to become adults.
    4. Clean pools. Keep swimming pools and hot tubs cleaned and balanced with the appropriate chemicals to keep mosquitoes at bay.
    5. Use bug light bulbs. Incandescent bulbs act as an invitation for bugs—instead, choose a yellow-tinted LED light bulb for your porch or other outdoor lighting.
    6. Mosquito nets. Surrounding your toddler’s outdoor play area or family picnic table with a mosquito net or tent will help to keep critters away from your family.
    7. Avoid over-watering grass. If your grass gets too wet, puddles can be created that draw in mosquitoes for laying their eggs. Keep an eye on your automatic sprinkler system to be sure it isn’t making the grass too moist.
    8. Outdoor Fans. Keeping air moving helps keep mosquitoes away as they are not willing to fly into a strong wind. In addition, the breeze from a fan keeps the carbon dioxide emissions stirred up in the air, making it more difficult for mosquitoes to find their human prey.
    9. Repelling lanterns and candles. Temporary options for mosquito control, such as candles and lanterns, may work for a little while but are not at the top of the list for effectiveness.

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