With more than 2 million residents, scads of businesses and an area large enough to cover the cities of New York, San Francisco and Boston combined, Houston is one big city. It’s also the first word Neil Armstrong said upon landing on the moon, the location of the world’s first domed stadium and a hotspot for jobs, restaurants and culture.

    With all these perks, you may be inclined to think Houston has it made when it comes to towering above the more mundane or common issues that plague the rest of the globe. But that’s simply not true. The city, alas, still has bugs.

    Bugs aren’t the only pesky critters that can rain on the glorious parade of perks in this Texas Gulf Coast city. The humid, balmy climate and mild winters also make it a prime location for spiders as well as rats, mice and other rodents that can scamper into homes or businesses, bringing destruction and health risks.


    Most Common Pests in Houston, Texas

    While Houston may be home to a wide range of pests that span from ticks to termites, it’s particularly known for being an ideal environment to three particular pests: ants, cockroaches and rodents.

    Effective Houston pest control depends not only on the specific pest you have, but also on the specific species. Cypress Creek Pest Control has them all covered, with proven techniques to rid your home or business of fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, spiders, rodents, ants, bed bugs and cockroaches. You can check out our methods for the top three pests on our blog: Top 3 Pests in Your Houston Home.

    Our residential pest control in Houston includes our Healthy House program, a quarterly treatment plan that fortifies your home all year long. New residential customers can get an introductory special, by clicking here!

    Cypress Creek Pest Control commercial services keep your shop, office or facilities free of the vermin that can put your employees, customer and very business at risk. Check out a few tips on our blog: How to Keep an Office Building Pest Free.

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