Most humans enjoy soaking up nature and many even appreciate viewing wildlife in its natural habitat. But when the wild begins to invade your garden or backyard? That’s when it is time to do some serious thinking about preventive pest control in Houston.

Of course, the best way to get bugs and other wildlife out of your yard is to keep them away in the first place. Some preventive pest control measures are simple to implement, requiring just a bit of time and general maintenance to keep your property tidy and wildlife-free.

Here are some easy tips for promoting and maintaining a pest-free backyard:

Landscaping Tips for Pest Control

If you aren’t motivated to keep your yard neat and tidy simply because it looks good, then maybe understanding how lawn care helps to prevent wildlife invasions of your backyard and garden may be enough to motivate you! Here are some ways that a well-landscaped yard works as preventive pest control:

Grass Care

As you smell freshly-cut grass, you can not only be fondly reminded of summer days but you can also know that you are working hard toward pest control. Shorter grass means that pests have fewer places to hide. Ants, fleas, cockroaches, rodents, and other pests may all be looking for a place to hide.

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Warm, moist mulch can be a pest’s favorite habitat! Even though it may look attractive and provide a healthy place for your plants, mulch also harbors insects. Try to keep mulch at least 12 inches from the side of your home, keeping it only a few inches deep. Then border the areas closer to your house with gravel or decorative stone to keep pests away.

Trimming and Pruning

Boxwoods, evergreens, and other bushes should be trimmed away from your home. Allowing airflow between plants and your house or other structures will keep areas from growing moist and attracting pests.

Fruit Tree Cleaning

When dead fruit falls to the ground and rots then pests such as insects and rodents will be drawn in when they see this as a food source. Make a plan to regularly keep the ground clear of old, rotting fruit to help with pest control.

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Other Tips for Keeping Pest Out of Your Yard

Trash Removal

Keeping your backyard free from clutter is not only critical for looking tidy, but it also helps to keep unwelcome critters from away. Watch for trash that may blow into your yard. Clear up any debris left from pruning trees or bushes. And be sure to keep children’s toys, bicycles and other items picked up.

Lightbulb Changes

Many insects, such as moths and mosquitoes, are attractive to bright white light. Switch your outdoor and porch bulbs to yellow bulbs or LED lights to help cut down on swarming insects.

Standing Water Removal

Bird baths, puddles created after rain, or areas of water that stand under downspouts are all critical places to practice pest control in Houston. Standing water attracts flying pests, particularly mosquitoes, and must be taken care of.

Gutter Cleaning

Often left at the bottom of the list for tasks to perform, cleaning the gutters may be a critical part of controlling pests around your home and yard. Gutters filled with leaves and debris provide an optimal home not only for insects but also for small rodents and possibly nesting birds.

Practicing these various forms of caring for your backyard and garden will not only keep your property looking great, but it also works as effective pest control. If you find that pests have gone beyond your ability to control them, you may need to consider getting help from a pest control professional.

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