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    Balmy weather, arts and culture, friendly folks and plenty of jobs make Houston and its surrounding environs one of the most lucrative areas in the entire state of Texas. That makes it no surprise that Houston experienced the largest growth out of all the Texas cities from 2015 to 2016, adding an impressive 159,000 new residents to its population of more than 2 million.

    Friendly folks aren’t the only ones who find the area alluring. With hot and muggy summers and mild winters, the Houston metropolitan area has to contend with pests in every single season.

    Heat and humidity provide the perfect environment for termites, ticks, ants, fleas, roaches, mosquitoes and bees. Mild winters come with just enough chill for rodents and small animals to seek refuge inside your business or home.

    Protecting your home and business is a must to keep your family and employees safe from the annoyances and potential hazards these pests can bring. And one of the best ways to go about it is with Cypress Creek Pest Control.


    Houston pest Control Service Area

    Our service areas include the following Texas cities

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      Year-Round Texas Pest Control

      Mosquitoes are one of the greatest annoyances in the rainy summer months, and we offer both residential and commercial mosquito treatment options. Residential treatments include regularly scheduled backyard fogging or installation of a timed, mosquito misting system. Commercial mosquito control includes fogging large outdoor areas that may contain employee workspaces or open-area shops.

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      Rodents and other small animals can particularly pesky during cooler months, and we can help eliminate and prevent unwelcome birds, bats, rats, mice, raccoons and other small animals.

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      Friendly Service, Family Business

      Whether our technicians have been working with us for months or decades, all of them strive to provide the friendly, quality service for which our family owned business has been known since 1968.

      “Family owned. Good people.”

      -Cypress Creek Technician Bill Carrington

      Technician Bill Carrington has been with us for 37 years, and when he’s not inspecting customer homes for pest activity, you can find him relaxing with friends, coworkers and family – which includes a wife and a big batch of house cats. His top pest control advice is to “maintain quarterly service to keep home pest free.”

      A special introductory offer for new customers to our quarterly Healthy Home program is just one of the offers and coupons we serve up.

      Whether you’re battling mosquitoes in Sugar Land, fleas in Katy or rodents in The Woodlands, remember that Cypress Creek Pest Control has the Houston area covered all year long with the same professional, quality service we’ve been providing for the past 48 years.

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