Your Best Defense Against The Cockroach

Your Best Defense Against The Cockroach

To some, cockroaches are one of the most loathed pests in the world. Their survival abilities are amazing. For instance, cockroaches can live an entire month without food! They can also survive a week without a head – only  dying because they can’t drink water.

Types of Main Cockroaches in Houston

American cockroach

The American cockroach, also frequently referred to as the palmetto bug, wood roach or outdoor roach can be up to an inch and a half in size. They are mainly found outside but will move indoors if the weather is cold or there is an opportunity for them to gain easy access to your home.

German cockroach

Another type of roach that is most commonly found in homes is the German cockroach. This roach spreads germs, bacteria and allergens throughout the area it travels. Considering that these cockroaches can travel up to three miles in an hour – that’s a lot of germs throughout your home! The babies that hatch out are as small as a pin needle and they can travel as fast as the adults.

They hide and breed in walls, cracks, crevices, in cardboard and paperbags… anywhere they can hide to feel safe. They spend the majority of their time resting but the other 25% of their time they are seeking food and water. They are usually active at night.

Tip: If you have an infestation and you turn on the light you will see them scurrying everywhere back to their hiding spots.

German roaches are extremely difficult to eradicate. Spray them with over the counter products, you will kill the ones you see but the others will move to a new area. Babies will then hatch out form the roach eggs dropped starting the cycle all over again.

Getting Rid of Cockroaches

A professional pest control company is your best bet to get rid of these pests. It usually takes three treatments to totally eliminate the life cycle. Your pest control professional will know which type of bait to use to eliminate the cockroaches.

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The best defense to preventing an infestation is sanitation. Don’t leave food out or dirty dishes in the sink. Make sure your trash is emptied regularly. Mop up any spills that may occur. Do not keep cardboard boxes or paper bags stacked in your home or garage. These become breeding grounds for cockroaches.

Seal any gaps in your doorways and windows with weatherstriping to prevent invaders from the outdoors from coming in. Remember sanitation is the main key in keeping these pests out.

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