How Pest Control Teams Handle Yellow Jacket Infestations

How Pest Control Teams Handle Yellow Jacket Infestations

Yellow jackets are common pests in the US, and they can be quite dangerous. Yellow jackets will exhibit swarming behavior when their nest is threatened, and these swarms can cause a lot of pain. This is why yellow jacket removal services are in high demand. Here is what you can expect from the control process when you hire a professional pest control team:

The inspection

The first step in the control process is the inspection. During the inspection, the pro will try to determine the species responsible and the location of the nest. Yellow jackets may build their nests underground, or they may choose a location that is protected and hidden above ground. With the nest located, it’s time to consider the most effective control method and product for the job.


If the nest is located below ground, the most effective product is the insecticide dust. This dust is applied to the entrances of the nest, and it will prevent the yellow jackets from entering or leaving. During the day, most of the yellow jackets will be out foraging, so the entrances are left open, which makes them easier to detect.

For nests that are above ground, the pro will either use the same dust, or an aerosol product if the nest is hard to reach. These nests are easier to treat during nighttime, since most of the wasps will be inside, and they will be more affected by the aerosol. Once all of the wasps are dead, the nest will be removed, so that new wasps can’t set up in it.

Removing nests from inside the building

Treating nests that are inside of a wall void or some other cavity in an inhabited building is a bit more delicate, because if the nest entrance is blocked in any way, the wasps will try to escape the nest through other means, which could lead them into the home and create a stinging hazard. As such, a lot more care is needed when dealing with these nests.

The control process is fairly straightforward but it requires professional equipment in order for it to be safe. If you would like to know more about the yellow jacket control process, or if you have a yellow jacket nest on your property, give us a call and we will gladly help you deal with the problem.

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