Where is Your Cockroach From?

Where is Your Cockroach From?

We have been noticing an influx of Asian cockroaches in the Houston area. Although they are similar to the German cockroach, there are differences. Improper identification of this cockroach can result in ineffective control.

The Main Differences

The appearances are almost identical, but the Asian cockroach can fly, sometimes up to 120 feet! The German cockroach has wings as well but cannot fly. The Asian cockroach is found primarily outdoors in leafy piles and in shady areas. When they do come into your home you will see them in plain sight. They are attracted to the light whereas the German roach hides from the light.

The Asian cockroaches are a little lighter in color than the German cockroaches. The egg sacks on the German cockroaches are more visible than the Asian cockroaches primarily because their wings are a little longer.

The German cockroach is resistant to many chemicals which is one reason they are so difficult to eliminate from your home. Since the Asian cockroach comes in from outdoors, both areas need to be treated.

Homeowners can do their part by eliminating the hiding and breeding areas:

  • Rake up all leaves away from the home and around shady areas.
  • Do not stockpile papers or cardboard boxes. They are perfect harborage for roaches of all kinds.
  • Keep kitchen area clean.
  • Keep trash picked up and in a sealed trash can.
  • If you do have pets don’t leave the food out overnight.

As with all pests, caulk and repair all points of entry around doors, windows, pipes and vents. Make sure all your windows have tight fitting screens.

So just when you thought cockroaches couldn’t get any worse…they now are flying. UGH!

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