Think of them as secretive spies, or the ultimate introverts. Whatever the case, pests such as insects and rodents are usually interested keeping their existence undercover. Many of them are nocturnal and prefer the dark, feeling safer and more comfortable when they are anywhere humans and house pets are not. On the other hand, pests like to be in your home and on your property if you are willing to provide them with what they need: food and water sources.

The problem with this little game of hide-and-seek with pests is that it’s possible for you to have common household pests or structural pests without even knowing it. Unless small colonies turn into infestations, the likelihood that you’ll actually see a pest is pretty slim. This means that you need to go looking for them, exercising preventative pest control.

Where to Look for Pests in Your Home

Different kinds of pests have different preferences for where they want to hide in your home, so let’s take a look at where insects, rodents and other pests might hide so that you can eliminate them, keeping your home healthy and pest-free.


Putting food and water together in the same room is like a dream come true for pests of all kinds. The busiest room in the house not only for your family but also for pests, up to half of home rodent infestations happen in the kitchen. Turn ants and mice away by masking the scent of food by cleaning with vinegar, lemons, and soap.

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Water is truly the source of life and offers an attractive place for silverfish, cockroaches, and other insects. To dry up the moisture in your bathroom and keep it pest free, use an exhaust fan, plug in a small fan, or crack a window. Be sure to check for leaks in pipes, caulk around the bathtub and sink, and look for other places where moisture might get in.

Living Room

How often do you look behind your sofa or television cabinet for cobwebs? Living rooms are a great place for spiders to hide, especially in dark, undisturbed corners. And if someone has been snacking in the living room and left crumbs? Well, that’s a great bonus! Mice also like to find burrowing places in living rooms so check corners as well as areas where blankets or pillows might be stored and forgotten about.

Under Decks and Inside Chimneys

Rodents, even larger ones such as raccoons and squirrels, can find areas outside your house such as under your deck or porch to be useful hiding places. Birds and rodents may also build nests in your chimney. Keep weeds and vegetation around decks and porches controlled. Cover any type of openings in these areas with screen to keep pests out.

Air Conditioning and Heating Units

Offering a place with moisture to hide, HVAC units are extremely attractive to pests. To ward off infestations, make sure that your air ducts are sealed to prevent cracks or gaps.  Vent and flue covers should be installed to be sure that pests can’t enter. Also, keep the area around your condenser clean and clear of weeds or plants.

Pest control in Houston can be a challenge, but taking a look at the places where pests hide in your home can help you be on the defensive. For more assistance with pest control in your Houston home, contact Cypress Creek for help.

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