What Is The Shelf-Life Of Pesticides?

What Is The Shelf-Life Of Pesticides?

You bought a pesticide a while ago. It’s been sitting on your shelf in the garage for a while. The question we’re often asked by customers: “Is It Still Good To Use?”

Pesticide Shelf-Life

Even pesticides that have a long shelf life under ideal storage conditions can quickly deteriorate when exposed to high heat and humidity. Although we don’t usually see very cold temperatures here in Houston, temperatures below 40 degrees can cause some liquid formulations to separate or gel.  Cold weather can cause aerosols to dispense slower from the can.

The way the pesticide is formulated has an effect of how quickly the product can deteriorate. Generally products that have low concentrations of active ingredients deteriorate faster.  You can check the manufacturers’ website to see the recommended shelf life most products will have a two year shelf like if stored properly.

Many Pesticides Change Over Time

Some signs the product has changed would be to look for excessive clumping in dust and granules. If you are using oil based spray look for product separation or sludge formation. Products that are mixed with water or emulsified may not turn into a milky solution. Aerosols will usually clog and not dispense. Liquids may gel or change colors through oxidation.

Tips for Purchasing & Disposing of Pesticides

When buying pesticides make sure you buy a size that is small enough to be used quickly. Mark the date you purchased the product on the container.  By storing products in a chronological order; use the oldest products first.

When you overbuy pesticides it leaves you to wonder about the products effectiveness. Overbuying also leads to disposal problems of unused pesticides. Most cities will hold a hazardous waste collection day. This is the best way to dispose of unused chemicals. Improper disposal can harm groundwater and do ecological damage.

Keep pesticides in their original containers. Store powders in a cool dry space.  If the product is in a glass container place it inside a metal container in the event the glass bottle bursts the product will be contained in the metal. Do not store pesticides in an area where the temperature reaches over 100 degrees. Do not allow liquids to freeze. Keep all pesticides stored away from the reach of small children and animals.

If you have any questions call the manufacturer of the product.

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