If you are in Food Safety, Education, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, LEEDs Building or another profession that requires you to focus on exposure to pest control chemicals you probably know what IPM stands for.

IPM or Integrated Pest Management service is the process by which a pest control company performs service by utilizing the least invasive method of controlling pests.  The individual components of IPM include: inspection, monitoring, assessment, treatment and evaluation. Our inspection team has many years of experience, including degrees in Entomology, AIB Certifications and multi-agency audit experience.

We meet with your designated representative to set the parameters of the IPM Program. We will need to set up monitoring methods used, the frequency of monitoring, and the detail and information provided in the reports. Keep in mind that if a trap has zero pests it does not mean pests are not present. We may need to move the traps to new locations periodically.

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Remedial action does not always include a chemical response. We may suggest a range of solutions including:


  • Education of staff – which may include new policies on bring food into certain areas, or limiting food to a certain area. We may suggest better clean-up of food residues and that trash be properly disposed of.
  • Redesign efforts may include rat-proofing, different types of trash receptacles or use of lighting that doesn’t attract insects.
  • Maintenance activities and habitat modification can be suggested to eliminate water sources that pose an attractive habitat for pests. We may also suggest more aggressive caulking of cracks, screening vents, better cleaning procedures and repair of water leaks.
  • Physical control would be in place such as traps for rats and mice, pheromone traps and the like.

Chemical solution will be suggested as a last resort starting with non-toxic and lastly chemical applications. Cypress Creek Pest Control utilizes the San Francisco Reduced Risk Chemical list when a chemical option is needed.

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