Top Summer Pests to be Aware Of

Top Summer Pests to be Aware Of

Summertime brings along with it a myriad of exciting activities and adventures. School is out, vacations begin, and the outdoor barbeques are in full swing. But nothing ruins summertime fun faster than the presence of outdoor pests. Here are some of the critters you might be facing, particularly if you live in the Houston area:

Outdoor Pests


Hard to see with the naked eye, termites are miniscule and destructive. The best way to find termites is to be watching for the damage they cause. Drywall, wood floors and other structures may reveal “chewed” or damaged areas inside. Insect wings found lying about may also be the sign of a swarm.


Unable to fly, fleas jump very far in comparison to their size. If you have a large infestation, you may spot actual fleas on your carpet or pet. Other signs are red flea bites on the feet and ankles of your family members, or pets that are scratching themselves excessively. Pet feces may look similar to black pepper and can be found near your pet’s favorite spot. A flea infestation is nothing to mess with so it’s best to contact an exterminator immediately.

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The most common sign of an ant infestation is the presence of ants. And where one is seen, many more are somewhere nearby. Uncovered food, sticky spills on counters, or dirty dishes can all draw in ants. Limiting food use to the kitchen and dining room, cleaning up spills immediately, and keep a generally clean home will often work to prevent ant infestations.


Culprits for carrying dangerous diseases, ticks cannot jump or fly, but they attach to their prey by hanging out on foliage near paths. These large critters with round bodies, and eight legs, can be found as easily in your backyard as they can in the woods.

Indoor Pests

Bed Bugs

Prevalent in the summer because of the tendency to travel, bed bugs can hitch a ride into your home from hotels pillows, fabric suitcases, or other travel-related situations. Bed bugs leave red bites that often look like welts and appear in groups of two or three. Bed bugs are fast spreaders and their presence indicates the immediate need for professional pest control.


The bane of many a person’s summer life, mosquito bites are not only annoying but they can carry harmful diseases. In fact, mosquitoes are the world’s most deadly animal! With wings and six legs, female mosquitoes feast on the blood of humans and animals. A preventive pest control plan for your home or neighborhood is the best course of action for mosquito problems.

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These eight-legged creatures are usually pretty harmless, unless a person happens to have an allergic reaction to them. Evidence of spiders in your home include spider webs as well as the sighting of the actual critter. Keep spiders from your home by securing windows and doors, and filling cracks.


Houston is home to a number of different common types of snakes—almost 30 variations. Of these, six are venomous, including three rattlesnakes, the copperhead, coral snake, and cottonmouth. Keep your yard and lawn well cared for and cleared of debris so that snakes will not be interested in a private habitat on your property.

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The moderate, year-round climate in Houston means that summer pests come out early and last late into the autumn months. But residents don’t have to resign themselves to suffering with summer pests. Cypress Creek’s Summer Pest Guide offers insights and tips to aid in keeping your home and property pest free.

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