Although humans don’t really get into the full swing of the summer season until school is out, insects and other pests aren’t concerned with the calendar. Admittedly, pest control in Houston happens year round, but summer pests such as ticks, mosquitoes, and ants become more active in the warmer months starting as early as March. Taking preventive pest control steps in and around your home starts by knowing what to look for and where:

Indoor Pests to Watch for in Houston

These pests will invade your home and not only irritate your family, but can also cause significant damage and even carry vicious diseases:


Tiny but powerful, termites are hard to see with the naked eye. So you need to be on the lookout for damage caused by termites. Wood, floors, drywall, and other structures can all show damage from termites, while insect wings found lying about may be a sign of a swarm. Small mud tubes may also serve as entry points for these creepy critters. Damage can be expensive so it’s best to keep an eye out and catch them early.


What’s a summer picnic without ants? Although one or two ants is likely harmless, colonies of them living in your home and on your property is not only a nuisance but can also be destructive. The biggest sign of an ant colony is, of course, finding an ant. These are especially prevalent around food and like to gather around sticky spills. Keeping food out of all rooms except the kitchen, and cleaning up spills as soon as they happen, are excellent tips for making your house an ant-free zone. If you find ant nests outside the home, they need to be destroyed and the root cause discovered.


Small, wingless creatures that are known for their jumping capabilities, fleas use pets as their hosts while they jump about on their fur. Look for red flea bites commonly found on the ankles and feet, black flea feces (similar to coarse black pepper) around pet beds or favorite hangout spots, and pets that are scratching themselves. Flea bites are not only bothersome and if you find that your pet has a flea problem, you’ll want to contact a pest control specialist as quickly as possible.


Carrying many diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, tularemia, and several others, ticks can be dangerous to both humans and pets. These pests are especially present in areas of foliage, which can include your backyard, and the occurrence of tick bites is on the rise in Texas. Ticks access humans from their feet and legs, then crawl up the body into other areas. They are large with a fat, round body and eight legs.

Bed Bugs

Hiding out in corners of your bed or soft furniture, bed bugs feed on the blood of humans and pets—usually at night. The first sign many people notice are red welt-like bites. Check around the corners of your mattress seams for black or brown feces stains, blood spots on the sheets, or skin that has been shed by the critters. If you find that you have bed bugs, you must take action immediately as they tend to keep them from spreading further.

Preventive Pest Control in Houston

Exercising summer pest control means taking charge and making it less attractive for various pests to enter your home and property. Preventive pest control includes keeping your home and yard clean and well-maintained. Get rid of areas of standing water that can attract mosquitoes, keep your trash contained and take it out often, seal cracks and holes in your home so that pests find it difficult to make their way in, and regularly inspect your home for signs that pests are present. Truly the best way to have complete peace of mind that your home is protected from pests is by accessing a professional preventative pest maintenance plan to inspect and treat your home for local pests.

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