The Threats Posed By Rats

The Threats Posed By Rats

Running a farm can be tough. There are so many things to take into account and so many threats to livestock and crops. One of the most serious threats is the rat, which can taint food supplies, eat small birds, and destroy various areas of the property.

Threats to livestock

Rats are omnivores, and they are large enough to actually hunt and kill other animals. This means that they will go for chicks and small birds, and they will also eat any unguarded eggs that they find. On top of that, rats are drawn to livestock feed, and they will not only eat the feed, but they will also contaminate it through contact and through their feces and urine. This can lead to your animals getting sick, and even acting as disease vectors themselves.

Preventing rat infestations on farms

Since farms are out in the open, it can be difficult to ensure that no rats enter the property. However, there are some measures that you can take in order to prevent rat populations from getting out of hand. One of these measures is to lay down traps around the property (snap traps will do), so that you can kill off rats and keep their numbers low. Poisons can also be used for prevention, but you have to be careful with the type of poisons used and their placement. Some poisons carry a secondary poisoning risk, which can lead to any animals that come into contact with a poisoned rat to become poisoned themselves. Outside of these methods, there is also the option of implementing exclusionary methods, such as reinforcing your fencing and making sure that all food is stored in secure areas.

Controlling rat infestations on farms

Once a rat infestation is already underway and significant in size, you will likely need the help of a pro to get it under control. A pro will strategically use traps and poisons to lower the rat population on the farm as quickly and as safely as possible. Once the infestation has been culled, you can also discuss with your pest control pro any preventative measures that can be installed on the farm. For more information about the threats that rats pose on farms, or if you have a rat infestation that has to be removed, contact us today and one of our team members will help you out with anything you need.

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