The Most Common Spider Species

The Most Common Spider Species

There are many spider species in the US, but only a relatively small number of them will set up indoors. In this article, we’re going to go over some of the most common species that prefer to live in your home, and help you determine if they are dangerous or not.

American house spider

The American house spider is a harmless arachnid that is no larger than a nickel. It has a round abdomen and grey coloration with white markings. This spider is a particular nuisance because it creates tangled messy webs which are quite repulsive. You will usually find them hidden in dark corners in the basement, underneath cabinets, around the windows, and inside garages.

Wolf spider

With over 200 wolf spider species across the US, you have plenty of variety here in terms of size and appearance, though they usually resemble tarantulas. These spiders cannot spin webs, and instead they stalk and chase down their prey. They are not a dangerous species, but they can be very unsightly, especially the females, which carry dozens or even hundreds of newborn spiderlings on their abdomen.

Black widow

As the name suggests, this species is black in coloration, and it also has a red hourglass marking on its abdomen. A very famous spider, the black widow is known for the fact that females will eat the males after copulation, and for the fact that it is extremely venomous. However, the black widow is a shy spider, choosing to hide in dark nooks and crannies where it can be left alone. The only problem is that one of the spider’s preferred hiding spots is inside shoes or clothing, where it is very likely that it will feel threatened and bite a person. The symptoms can be severe, landing people in the hospital.

Brown recluse

Another aptly descriptive name, the brown recluse is brown in coloration, and it has its own distinctive marking – a “violin” on its abdomen. This species is also very venomous, and also very reclusive. It will only bite when threatened, and it prefers to hide in clothing, and other dark places where a person might threaten the spider by mistake. The bite of a brown recluse will also require immediate medical attention.


There are a few other species that you will commonly find indoors. These include the daddy long-legs spider, the hobo spider, the jumping spider, the yellow sac spider, and the orbweaver spider. Most of these spiders are completely harmless, but the hobo spider does have a painful bite.

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