The Huntsman Spider | Houston Pest Control Experts

The Huntsman Spider | Houston Pest Control Experts

The huntsman spider, also known as the giant crab spider, is known for its large size, which can reach up to 12 inches of leg span.  This efficient and calculating predator does not need webs to hunt its prey – it has the speed, the size, and the venom to take down its victims.

There are over 1,200 huntsman spider species around the world, and some of them are found in the coastal areas of the US. However, the huntsman may soon spread out, since it is very comfortable in temperate climates as well. It is believed that the spider originates from Southeast Asia, where all these species have one common ancestor. Some of the larger species are able to lay egg sacs that reach the size of golf balls.


The huntsman spider will live in dark crevices and behind bark, using vision and their sense of vibration to detect nearby prey. Some of these spiders can get so large that they routinely eat lizards. But what really sets this spider apart is its speed, with some species being able to run at 42 body lengths per second. That is tremendous, when you consider that a record breaking sprinter reaches about 5.2 body lengths per second.

The bite

Like most spiders that rely on their hunting skills rather than on their webs, the huntsman spider is nocturnal, and as you would expect of a spider of its size, it has quite a potent venom. Although they tend to avoid humans, they can bite if they feel threatened, and their bite can result in hours of pain, serious inflammation, vomiting and headaches.

Coming face to face with the huntsman spider

Although not widespread in the US, one of these spiders may still be transported across state lines and end up in your home. If you do happen to come into contact with one, first you will be shocked by its size. Ideally, you want to stay away from it so you don’t get bitten, and then you should call a pest control specialist, who can come over and take out the spider and its nest if it has one. Contact us today if you are dealing with this or any other species of spiders in the US and we will help you remove it safely and effectively from your home, without any extra issues that come when dealing with venomous spiders.

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