The Difference Between A Possum And An Opossum

The Difference Between A Possum And An Opossum

When people hear the word “opossum”, they immediately assume that it is the scientific word for “possum.” Guess what, this is not the case at all. The Possum and Opossum are completely two different species. Possums can be found in Australia and New Guinea, and Opossums are found in North America.

It all started in the mid-17th century. A creature of curiosity was caught in Virginia and was brought to the Royal Society in London for observation. The little animal had a pointed snout, sharp teeth, and a pouch in its belly. It was soon discovered that this animal, the Opossum, is native to the U.S. and Canada.

Now the question is, where do possums fit in? We know that there are some significant causes of confusion. The words themselves are very close. For instance, some Americans will talk about someone or something “playing possum,” meaning “playing dead,” they are actually referring to an opossum. Yes, we are aware that they do have their similarities, both are marsupials, furry, and nocturnal. Other than that, they are two different creatures.

The Opossum

The Opossum has become more common in Texas over the years. The average size of an adult Opossum is about the size of a house cat. These creatures have coarse, grey fur and a long tail that resembles a snake due to its scales. They have pink toes, and their fangs are sharp, with a long, triangular snout and a pink nose.

Opossums will have about nine pups in a litter and are usually born in March or April. The babies are born underdeveloped and have to crawl into their mothers’ pouch to finish their growth process for about two months. Opossums are known to create dens under houses or decks and take up residence in attics. People can quickly see these creatures as pests because of this.

The Possum

There are about 23 different species of possum that can be found in Australia. The most common ones are known as the Brushtail Possum and the Ringtail Possum. These animals are very territorial and mark their chosen space with urine. The Possum spend most of their time in trees.

The Brushtail Possum has a pink nose and pointy face, just like the American Opossum. The only difference is its tall, round ears and bushy tail. The Ringtail Possum has grey and white fur and russet notes on its tail and limbs.

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