The Dangers Posed By The Norway Rat

The Dangers Posed By The Norway Rat

Norway rats are repulsive enough without taking into account that they are also quite dangerous. Let’s take a look at what threats these pests pose and what can happen if a Norway rat infestation goes on for too long.

How to identify Norway rats

Norway rats are quite large, reaching lengths of 16 inches when you include the tail, and they can weigh over a pound. They have brown fur, and a hairless tail, and if you see one out in the open, you’ll know it. There are other rat species that may enter the home, but in terms of the threats that they pose, they are all just as dangerous.

Usually you will not see a rat just walking around the home when you have an infestation however. Instead, you will have to rely on other signs in order to detect its presence. For example, you may be able to spot gnaw marks on various surfaces of the home, grease smears wherever the rats travel, rat droppings which look like dark brown rice, and you may also hear the rats at night as they squeak and travel through the walls.

Threats posed to the home

Norway rats can cause serious damage in the home. They will rip the insulation in the walls apart in order to build their nests, and this can lower the energy efficiency of the home, making it harder to keep the home at an adequate temperature during the winter and the summer. On top of that, rats will chew through electrical wires, and this can cause power outages and create fire hazards.

Health threats posed by Norway rats

Norway rats are also capable of spreading numerous diseases, including the black plague, the cowpox virus, salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, and trichinosis. The diseases are spread in a variety of ways, including through the saliva, feces, and urine of the rats. The rats will also carry parasites such as fleas, mites and ticks, along with all of the diseases carried by these pests.

Getting rid of Norway rats

In order to get rid of a Norway rat infestation, you will have to work with a pest control pro. A pro is able to quickly and completely remove an infestation, while most DIY efforts are usually unable to get an infestation under control. For more information about rats, or if you would like to set up a pest control appointment, contact us today.


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