When it comes to your New Year’s resolution, how high is pest-proofing your home or office? Although it’s not a standard resolution, you shouldn’t discredit keeping your home or business pest-free this year. An invasion of mice, ants, termites, cockroaches, or other common pests can quickly turn your clean environment into one that’s unkempt and uninviting. By utilizing preventive pest control measures, you can prevent pests from entering your business or home in 2020 and causing unwanted damage.

What is Preventive Pest Control?

Preventive pest control provides alternative methods to standard pest control that often uses harsh chemicals. Instead, this method focuses on keeping pests out of your space in the least invasive way possible. Because pest infestations can cause structural damage, as well as potential health issues, getting ahead of the problem can save you money and stress. Examples of preventive pest control tactics range from keeping kitchens and break rooms clean and sealing any cracks a critter could enter through.

What Are the Benefits of Preventive Pest Control?

Preventive pest control is a safe, healthy, effective, and cost-efficient way to manage and control any pests that could be lurking in your home or office. The specific benefits include:

It’s Safer

When it comes to preventive pest control, the use of chemicals is a last resort. Instead, defense is the main priority. That involves staying on top of simple things to ensure vermin and other critters don’t have the opportunity to enter your home. Start by sealing the perimeter of your home and business and maintaining any landscaping. Eliminating entrances and hiding places can help keep your area pest-free with the least amount of chemical intervention possible.

However, if you do suspect you have a pest problem, contacting a professional pest control service is the best approach to handling it. Professionals can assess a situation more efficiently and combat the problem with chemical substances that are not available to the public if necessary.

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It’s Healthier

It’s widely known that many pests are carriers of different diseases – ones you likely don’t want your family or coworkers coming into contact with. If you don’t have a preventive pest control plan in place, you could be exposed to these diseases, depending on how bad the infestation is. Keeping them out of your home or office creates a healthy environment for everyone around you by helping you avoid common diseases. Here are some specific pests and the diseases they carry to take note of:

Fall and Winter Pests – Mice, Rats, Cockroaches

    • Salmonella
    • Hantavirus
    • Leptospirosis
    • Lymphocytic choriomeningitis
    • Typhus
    • Staphylococcus
    • Streptococcus

Spring and Summer Pests – Mosquitoes, Ticks, and Others 

    • West Nile
    • Lyme Disease
    • Zika Virus
    • Chikungunya Virus

It’s Effective

Preventive pest control concentrates on the constant maintenance of your home or office and upkeep of the surrounding landscape. This active approach drastically reduces the opportunities for insects and other critters to infiltrate your various spaces. By hiring a seasonal pest control professional and enacting the preventative measures below, you’ll be able to live and work pest-free comfortably:

  • Seal food in airtight containers whenever possible
  • Take the trash out often and keep trash cans and dumpsters a considerable distance from your home or office
  • Tidy up your garage or any areas of clutter where pests can hide
  • Seal up any gaps, cracks or crevices that lead in or out of your home or office
  • Fix any leaks you may have (standing water attracts certain insects)
  • Educate your office or family on the indications of a pest infestation

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It’s Cost-Efficient

Pests like mice, rats, and termites can cause severe structural damage due to their destructive behaviors. But preventive pest control can stop these critters before they even get the chance to chew through a wire or foundation. It can also save you from potentially losing hours in a workday while your building is being treated or losing thousands of dollars to repair your home.

If you want to avoid the headaches and costs associated with certain pests getting inside your house or workspace this upcoming year, consider using preventive pest control methods. You’ll reap the benefits of this safe, healthy, effective, and cost-efficient way to handle insects, mice, rats, and more. To learn more about preventive pest control in your home, download our Room-by-Room Guide. Or, if you’re ready to start taking precautionary measures in your office or house, schedule a service with us today!

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