Termites Can Cause Extensive Damage

Termites Can Cause Extensive Damage

Termites are small in size, but very big in impact. Every year, termites cost homeowners a fortune in repairs and maintenance due to the damages that they cause. Many homeowners do not realize and recognize the negative repercussions of having a termite infestation in their abode.

The impact of a termite infestation isn’t always limited to property damage. Termites are also known to be harmful to the health of people who are living close to them. With economic and health risks in mind, modern homeowners need to be vigilant and proactive to protect their homes.

So why are termites so dreaded?

Keep scrolling to find out why termites cause such widespread damage:

  • They are not easy to notice: Termites are tiny pests that start infesting in small numbers at first. They seek and attack areas that are warm and protected from directed winds. Hence, they tend to build their colonies within wooden furniture items, inside drywalls, or in hidden corners of homes. Since these areas do not fall in a homeowner’s or resident’s eye line daily, it is incredibly difficult to spot termites early on when they are building their colony.
  • They grow rapidly: Termites may start infesting and attacking an area in small numbers, but within a matter of a few days, their colony can exponentially increase in size. A queen termite can lay up to 30,000 eggs in one single day! Even if you manage to spot a few termites and kill them off using any techniques of the web, there are likely to be many more termites being hatched at the same time. So before you know it, a large-scale termite colony may be operative within your house.
  • They are hardworking and swift: Termites never sleep, and thanks to this, they are always at work. A termite colony is constantly working to feed themselves and build more tunnels through which they can navigate to new locations. Unlike many other species, termites spend all their time consuming and digesting their food. Since they do not spend time doing any other activities, they are highly efficient and focused. Even while you aren’t looking, this species is working rigorously and causing substantial damage to your house.
  • They attack critical areas: Because most modern homes constitute a lot of wooden elements, there is always a high probability of falling prey to termites. Termites eat through wood very rapidly and make strong wooden elements hollow in the process. Since pillars, furniture, and many other structural items inside a home are made out of wood, any damage to them can threaten the stability of the entire construction.

Final Words

After acknowledging the dangers of a termite infestation, it is prudent that homeowners invest in regular inspections of their property. Early detection of a termite infestation can potentially save a lot of money for the property owner. Call a pest control professional today to inspect your home thoroughly and address any termite problem at the earliest.


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