Spring: The Perfect Time for Preventative Pest Control

Spring: The Perfect Time for Preventative Pest Control

Spring months are an exciting time! Birds are chirping, plants are growing, the weather is warming. And pests are coming out of hibernation. Spring cleaning is for more than just airing out your house from the winter—it’s also for thinking about what’s to come.

The most effective pest control plans require just a bit of planning and thinking ahead. While summer is the time that pests are fully active, some of the preparation for summer pest control can be accomplished in the spring months. For spring pest control in Houston, here are some of the best places to start with keeping your property free from pests during warmer weather:

Kitchen Cabinets and Pantry

Spring is a great time to take stock of what is in your kitchen cabinets and pantry. Remove everything from the cabinets and drawers, wipe down shelves and other surfaces. Replace shelf liners. Throw away out-of-date spices or baking ingredients such as flour, which have a tendency to attract insects.

While they are empty, inspect the backs of cabinets or pantries for entry points that pests might use. Ants, cockroaches, and mice are particularly talented at scouting out food sources—even something as small as a sticky spot on a shelf from a leaky jam jar. Also, pull out appliances and vacuum behind them, looking for signs of pests or possible entry points.

Faucets and Water Sources

Water is an attractor for many pests such as cockroaches and silverfish. Check areas in your bathroom and kitchen that may be providing a water source for these pests. Watch for leaky faucets, loose bathroom tiles, or compromised caulk around toilets and tubs. Look underneath sink cabinets for moisture. If you find any places that might be leaking water, seal them with caulk. In more severe cases you may need to call a plumber.

Closets, Attics, Garages

The more clutter you have, the more opportunity for pests (especially rodents or moths) to hide and nest. Clean out closets, attics, garages, or wherever you have storage. Eliminating clutter will reduce the opportunities for pests to infest your home. For items you are storing, ditch any cardboard boxes and replace them with plastic tubs that have well-sealing lids.

Doors and Windows

Tears and holes in window screens and screen doors may go unnoticed during the winter. Now is the time to clean your screens and inspect them thoroughly for damage, replacing any screens that have holes. Check all seals around doors and windows, repairing or replacing when needed.

Check Foundation

Damage to the foundation of your house can happen during the wintertime without being noticed. Take a tour around your home, inspecting the foundation for cracks and places where pests might enter your home. Even a hole the size of a dime is large enough for a mouse to come through, and cockroaches can make it through the tiniest of cracks. Seal up any cracks you find and call a pest control professional if you find any evidence of pests entering your home.

Standing Water

A breeding ground for insects, standing water is extremely attractive to mosquitoes and other pests. Over the winter water may have a tendency to collect in low ground spots, forgotten buckets, and even in toys or play equipment such as sandboxes. Leaky downspouts may also be culprits for pooling water. Remove any standing water that might act as a harboring place for insects, then fill in holes or reposition outdoor equipment to eliminate the problem permanently.

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Deteriorating Wood

Rotted roof shingles or damaged fascia may act as a drawing point for certain insects who enjoy deteriorating wood. Check around doors and windows, decks and patios, skirting, or other areas where wood might need to be replaced.

Once you have cleaned, inspected, replaced, and sealed, you’re ready for summer! Not only does this kind of spring cleaning keep your home pest-free, but it also helps you to maintain your property value. If you have found any evidence of pests that have been residing over the winter such as mouse droppings or nests, contact your Houston Pest Control specialist, Cypress Creek, to help you take care of any issues and set up a plan for eliminating pests and maintaining a healthy, pest-free home.

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