Spider Control 101

Spider Control 101

Controlling a spider infestation requires a different approach than if you were dealing with any other insect infestation. This is because spiders are solitary, and they let their prey come to them, which means that there are not a lot of options to entrap them or to remove them en masse. Thankfully, there are still a few methods that can be used to remove an infestation quickly and effectively.

Methods used to control spiders

When dealing with a few spiders here and there, all you have to do is destroy their nests and spray them with some insecticide, but as the infestation grows, you will have nests in the home with hundreds of baby spiders in them. Some of these baby spiders will grow up and set up inside the home, and you will have an endless supply of spiders, where no matter how many you kill, more still show up. In these situations, and when dealing with dangerous spiders such as black widows or brown recluses, you will need the help of a pro.

A pro will first destroy the spiders that are out in the open, and then find as many of their nests as possible. This is then followed by the application of residual insecticides in areas of the home that spiders and other insects use to travel. For example, basements and crawl spaces are often treated with these insecticides. The insecticides will remain active for up to 6 months, time in which any insects that come into contact with them die.

Working with a pro

A pro can make quick work of a spider infestation, and ensure that your home is insect free for up to a year. To find a good pest control company in your area, make sure you shop around for prices and different offers, and that you look for references from friends and family. Once you have a good company lined up, set up an appointment for an inspection, and then the infestation will be gone in no time. Professional pest control services are much more effective than the DIY route and they can even save you money in the long run.

For more information about how spider infestations are removed, or if you have an infestation in the home and you want to get rid of it, contact us today and one of our team members will gladly help you out.

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