Some Myths About The Norway Rat That You May Believe

Some Myths About The Norway Rat That You May Believe

Despite Norway rats being one of the most common home invaders on the planet, many homeowners still have some misconceptions about them. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some common myths about the Norway rat and debunk them.

Rats don’t spread diseases anymore

Rats are well-known for the role they played in the spreading of the plague during the Middle Ages. However, there is currently the belief that rats no longer carry diseases, or that at least that they are incapable of spreading them, thanks to modern medicine and hygiene standards. This is not true. Rats are still very much capable of spreading dozens of diseases including salmonella, trichinosis, and yes, even the plague.

It’s ok to touch rats

We see news stories all the time about how people domesticate and keep rats as pets. This may lead to the misconception that rats are somewhat friendly. Wild rats are still completely vicious and they will bite in self-defense. They are also capable of spreading diseases through their bite, claws, and even their fur, so touching them without any kind of protection, even if they’re dead, is a really bad idea.

You only find rats in run-down areas

While rats do enjoy clutter, and they are known to hang out in garbage and sewage, they are not really averse to clean conditions. If a rat can find food and shelter in a building, it will infest it, even if it is thoroughly cleaned. All the rats need are a few cracks or holes in the walls, and they will enter right in.

Rats love cheese

This is a myth that almost everyone believes, but in reality rats prefer numerous other types of food over cheese. This is why you may not get the best results from your traps when you use it. If rats can find food sources that they prefer, they will actually skip the cheese in the trap and go for the alternative. For the best results, you want to use peanut butter or sweets in your traps.

DIY rat control is just as good as the professional alternative

While small rat infestations can be tackled with a couple of traps, if you have some experience with rat control, large rat infestations will require professional intervention. Norway rats are notorious survivalists with paranoid tendencies, so most DIY control efforts fail to completely remove an infestation. If you have a rat infestation in your home and you need some help getting rid of it, contact us today.

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