Pest control could have the power to make or break your business. If you have a restaurant or other food-based industry, commercial pest control is an especially important part of keeping your business on the up-and-up. But even in an office or warehouse space, keeping pests under control is critical to creating a healthy work environment and protecting your business investments.

Before you develop a relationship with a commercial pest control provider, be sure to do your due diligence in choosing a company that will best suit your needs. Here are some questions to help you narrow down which company to work with:

1. What is Your Licensing, Bonding, and Insurance Policy?

As you interview a pest control company, you should feel confident that exterminators and technicians are fully licensed, bonded, and insured in the places where they do business. Technicians and exterminators should be willing to show copies of their certifications to help you feel reassured. Cypress Creek Pest Control has been certified by QualityPro since 2016, allowing us to go above and beyond the state licensure minimum requirements, which includes running criminal background checks on all employees.

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2. How Long Have You Been In Business?

A fly-by-night company cannot easily assure you that your commercial property will continue to be cared for in the years to come. Although a start-up business might have a cheaper rate, their ability to guarantee their services cannot compete with a company who has been in business for several decades.

3. What Are Your Fees?

Understanding upfront what you will be expected to pay (and when) is an important part of your relationship with a commercial pest control company. Because services are timed at various intervals, be aware of how much the full service will cost as well as payment options that fit with your business needs.

4. May I Check Recommendations or Online Reviews?

The answer to this question should always be yes! Any reputable pest control company should provide references and/or online reviews to help you make your decision.

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5. How Do You Determine What Treatments Are Needed?

Treatment recommendations given after a commercial pest control inspection are based on a trustworthy relationship. Just like a mechanic for your car, you want to find a pest control service who will tell you the truth about what you need, without adding unnecessary extras.

Here are some additional questions that might help you after an inspector has been in your home:

  •         What types of pests are on my property? Is that normal for this location?
  •         What stage of life are these pests in?
  •         How long do you think they’ve been here?
  •         How serious is it?
  •         What is your recommendation for eliminating pests? How long will that take? How will that affect my business?
  •         Is it likely that the pests will return after treatment?
  •         How often should I have an inspection/treatment in the future?

6. What Are the Contract Options?

Pest infestation treatments often do not work out to be a “one and done”. If a company offers you a flat rate for one service, you’ll likely need follow up and that will cost more. Go with a company that is upfront about how many treatments you may need to completely remove an infestation, and how often you’ll need follow up treatments.

7. What Types of Chemicals Do You Use?

Be sure that the pest control company you choose isn’t uncomfortable when you ask questions about keeping your property safe. Depending on the type of infestation you have, Integrated Pest Management options for pest control should be considered first. This is particularly important if you have a commercial building that deals with food, children, or health care services. When chemicals are needed, technicians should always use clearly-labeled chemical containers and answer and questions or concerns you have about them.

8. What Guarantee Do You Put Behind Your Work?

A residential or commercial pest control service that does not stand behind its work is likely a waste of your time and money. Ask if the company offers a satisfaction guarantee policy. A reputable company will make sure their clients have the best quality commercial pest control care, and will make right anything that isn’t working as it should.

Interviewing a pest control company before contracting with them is a great way to get an understanding of their practices as well as getting a feeling for how their people will mesh with your business needs. Contact Cypress Creek Pest Control in Houston to ask questions, get to know our practices better, or schedule an appointment.

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