Pro Tips On How To Get Rid Of Mice | Houston Mouse Control Experts

Pro Tips On How To Get Rid Of Mice | Houston Mouse Control Experts

Pro Tips On How To Get Rid Of Mice | Houston Mouse Control Experts

If you have a small mouse infestation, you can get rid of it yourself, with the right tips. In this article, we’re going to cover some tips from the professionals on how to deal with a small mouse infestation.

Understand their movement patterns

Mice will be most active at night, and they will move along the walls while avoiding open spaces. They will also leave about 75 droppings each day, and if you look for these droppings, you can figure out how they move and where their nests are located. Check for holes in the wall that are about 1.5 inches in diameter – those will be the entry points to their nests. You may also find small caches of food hidden behind furniture or appliances. Keep in mind that the ideal nesting locations for mice are near heat, food and water sources – the back of the fridge, near an oven, or near a water heater.

Pick the right trap

There are many traps to choose from out there, from the classic snap trap to modern mechanical and electronic traps. You can go with an inexpensive, reusable snap trap and get great results, or you can go with more advanced traps that have convenient features such as light indicators that let you know when a mouse has been caught so you don’t have to keep checking. There are also live mouse traps on the market, which allow you to capture a mouse and release it in the woods afterwards as a more human solution to an infestation.

Pick the right bait

When it comes to bait, you want to pick high-calorie foods such as chocolate, hazelnut spread or peanut butter. You can also use bait such as twine, yarn, dental floss or cotton balls during the winter, because mice will want these materials for their nest. Other options can include candy, birdseed and pet kibble, especially if you notice that the mice have been nibbling on these in your home.

Position the traps in key positions

Since mice hug the walls while travelling, you will want to set the traps alongside them, perpendicular to the wall, with the bait side of the trap near the wall. Make sure that you wear gloves when setting up the poison, bait and trap, otherwise, the mice might be tipped off by your scent. You can also set up traps inside cabinets and closets, or behind furniture and appliances. These locations are ideal because they are areas where the mice are comfortable.

Check the traps and reset them

Finally, you want to check the traps in the morning after you have set them. You are most likely to catch a mouse in the first night, and then the odds decrease as time goes on. Also, make sure to set up a lot of traps right away. You do not know the size of the infestation, and it may be bigger than you expect.

If you are having any troubles with the traps however, it might be the time to call a pest control specialist. Contact us today if you have an infestation that will just not go away.

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