Preparing For Roof Rat Season In Houston Area 

Preparing For Roof Rat Season In Houston Area 

Preparing For Roof Rat Season In Houston Area 

Roof rats are not that different from your average mammal. They engage in different activities depending on the weather. During winter and early spring, when the temperatures are low, they will look for shelter indoors. When summer rolls around, they will start to venture outside, but as soon as the temperatures start to drop at night, they will be right back inside. Here are some of the methods that you can use to keep these rats out of your home:

Remove food sources

When it comes to fruit, roof rats love citrus, which is both a source of food and water. Make sure that you pick any fruit that you have in your yard as soon as it is ripe. You also do not want to leave pet food and feces out overnight, as the rats will eat both. Try to limit the use of bird feeders because they are a panacea for the acrobatic roof rats. Inside the home, you will want to store all your bulk food in sealed packaging, and any garbage should be placed in rat-proof containers.

Clean up the yard

There are some prevention and control steps that you can integrate in your yard care routine. To start, make sure that you rake under shrubs and trees, and that you prune your fruit trees. Remove any brush and wood piles, and store any wood and lumber in an area that is 18 inches above the ground and at a distance of 12 inches from the house walls.

Seal the home

Roof rats are very good at squeezing through tight spaces. They will be able to enter the home through gaps as small in diameter as a nickel. As such, sealing all these cracks and crevices in the walls of the home will help you prevent an infestation. You need to check for holes particularly near piping and wiring that go through the walls.

Place traps strategically

Roof rats love peanut butter, so it makes excellent bait for your traps. Place the traps in dark areas near the walls. You also want to keep any pets and children away from areas that are already trapped, and you should expect the traps to be ineffective for a day or two until the rats become comfortable with them around.

If despite your best efforts, the rats manage to survive and thrive on your property, it’s a good idea to call in a pro. Contact us today if you need help with controlling a roof rat infestation.

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