Most Problematic Summer Pests in Houston

Most Problematic Summer Pests in Houston

Summer in Houston brings with it a great deal of heat, outdoor activity and fun! But the heat and humidity of Houston summers also include a few unwelcome guests: pests of various shapes and sizes. If you’re tired of your fun being interrupted by summer pests, then you are not alone. The good news is that the most of these nuisances can be easily tamed through summer pest control.

Here’s a rundown of the most common pests to pay attention to in relation to Houston pest control:


Spiders prosper in warm, humid climates. Although certain spiders may be helpful in controlling other pests, getting bitten by a spider is not so great. Two common and dangerous spider species, brown recluse and black widow, are found indoors and outdoors in Houston. Although not usually fatal to a healthy adult, bites from these two types of spiders can be particularly painful with severe symptoms including muscle spasms, cramps, and even tachycardia.

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Cockroaches won’t bite you, but they are happy to carry diseases that can do some serious harm. These critters enjoy living in moist, dark areas, making Houston home to at least 30 species of cockroaches.

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Bed Bugs

Bed bug populations are continuing to grow around the world and summer travel is a time to be particularly careful about bringing these little hitch-hikers home with you. Prevention of bed bug spreading is the best defense, but if an infestation is discovered it is critical to contact a residential pest control professional right away.


Rasberry crazy ants have come to the forefront of the pest scene over the past few years. These ravaging, destructive ants will swarm, nest and invade almost anywhere—stopping up air conditioners, infesting drywall, getting inside television sets, shorting out electrical systems, and more. Although the sting of a crazy ant is less toxic and painful than a fire ant, Rasberry crazy ants are much more difficult to eradicate once an infestation has taken place. Both types of ants cause painful bites and require professional intervention for removal.


Mosquitoes are tiny and extremely dangerous because of the viruses they carry, including yellow fever, West Nile virus, Zika virus, chikungunya, and more. Keeping mosquitoes from breeding in standing water is one of the best prevention tools, and using DEET repellent on humans and pets will help with personal protection. Professional fogging and mosquito trapping can work to reduce mosquito populations around your home and neighborhood.

Wasps and Hornets

Wasps and hornets are infamous for their painful stings. While they aren’t considered to be deadly to an average person, a sting can be extremely serious for one who is allergic. Prevention and removal of wasp and hornet nests is the best course of action for keeping them away from your home and property.


Scorpions love making their home in the heat of Texas. Found under rocks and ground cover, scorpions sometimes make their way into homes. While scorpion bites are not likely to be fatal, they are certainly uncomfortable and painful. Shaking out your shoes before putting them on is a good practice for starters.

Dealing with spiders, cockroaches, scorpions and all of those other summer pests can feel overwhelming if you’re trying to do it all on your own. Instead of using up your precious hours on summer pest control, consider contacting Cypress Creek to manage all of your Houston pest control needs. Your summer will be much more fun and you’ll have peace of mind that your family is as safe as possible from pests!

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