It is Possible To Prevent Termites From Getting into Your Home: Here’s How

It is Possible To Prevent Termites From Getting into Your Home: Here’s How

Termites are likely to invade your home. While you may not necessarily invite them, failing to take the necessary control measures is enough to invite these creatures to your house. So, besides engaging a professional termite control company, is it possible to prevent termites from coming to your home?

Read on to find out!

Here is a guide on how to eliminate termites from your home.

Eliminating Termites?

Most new homeowners aren’t used to termite infestation. Being a new homeowner, you probably don’t know how to detect termite infestation. The lack of the right knowledge and information about termites makes its elimination challenging. In case your home is infested, it is advisable to engage a reliable termite control company to deal with the infestation professionally.

How to Prevent Termites Infestation

Eliminating termites from your house is a daunting task, so you better do all you can to avoid these pesky creatures from getting into your home.

If you don’t know anything about termites, you are probably doing everything wrong regarding termites prevention.

Here are several ways you can prevent and control a termite infestation:

1.      Repair leaks as they happen

Leaking elements in your home such as the roof, pipes, and sinks will dampen the house, making it conducive for termites to thrive. Inspect your house often, specifically the ceiling, walls, plumbing elements, and faucets, to ensure that they are in perfect condition. Whenever you notice a leak, repair it immediately.

You can engage a termite control professional like Cypress Creek Pest Control to help you with such tasks.

2.      Keep your home uncluttered

Termites are fond of cluttered areas. Keeping so much stuff in your house creates an excellent ground for termites to develop their colonies. So, if you want to keep termites from your home, make it unattractive for them – remove old wooden stuff, cardboards, papers, and newspapers from the house. Besides keeping termites away, decluttering makes it almost impossible for termites to spread to other parts of your home once they invade it.

3.      Avoid moisture in your home

Moisture is one of the aspects that attract a large number of pests, including termites. Keeing the house moister gives the termites grounds for entering the home. Eliminate excessive moisture from the house to prevent termites from invading it. Where necessary, get a dehumidifier to keep the house within the standard temperatures.

4.      Avoid placing wooden items on the soil

The yard is one of your home’s areas vulnerable to termites infestation, especially if there are wooden structures. Nevertheless, you can prevent such infestation by ensuring a gap between the soil and any wooden structures. Keep about 18 inches between the ground and any structure you have in your yard ensures that termites cannot enter your home.

5. Get Preventative Termite Treatments from Cypress Creek Pest Control!


Termites are irritating so, the earlier you adopt the right preventive measures the better. Engage a  professional in termite control to help you prevent any infestation the right way. Besides setting preventative measures, pest control professionals will advise you on the right approaches to keep termites from getting into your home. Find a reliable termite control professional near you now and start your journey towards termite-proofing your home.

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