Everyone can agree they want a pest-free home. The same goes for your place of business, too. In Houston, the winter months are a prime time for certain pests to emerge. And unfortunately, a small pest problem in your office can quickly turn into a more significant issue if not treated properly.

However, keeping a close eye on your facility can help keep your business clean and employees happy.  Here’s how to know if your business may have pest issues and what to do about it.

What Are Signs Your Business Has a Pest Problem?

There are several different indicators your office may have a pest problem, and most are not as apparent as you’d think. Being aware of what to look for can help your employees band together to keep your space clean. Keep an eye out for:

  • Dead bugs or shed skins. Dead bugs or skins that other pests have shed are clear signs you already have a problem. If you see these, look for more in areas where the wall meets the floor, behind any office equipment like electronics, and other hidden places.
  • Droppings. Finding droppings, typically very small, from various rodents or insects is a clear marker your office has already been infiltrated.
  • Chew marks. Rodents are notorious for chewing through almost anything they can get their teeth on. If you notice damage to furniture, molding, or electrical wiring, you likely have a rodent issue. Seeing this early on can help prevent severe structural or electrical damage.
  • Sounds or odors. Certain insects, like cockroaches, give off a noticeable pungent smell. Other pests, like rats, are known for their ammonia-like scent, while mice have a more musty odor. All rodents make scratching or scurrying sounds as they move around your office. If you smell or hear any of this regularly, you may have an infestation.
  • Broken food packages. Pests are constantly on the hunt for food and frequent areas where food is stored. Look for holes in food bags pests have chewed through, or any other damage to places where food is kept.

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How Do You Keep Your Office Pest Free?

If you’re already sure you have a pest problem you cannot contain yourself, your best option is to contact a professional pest control service like Cypress Creek. But, one of the smartest things you can do is take preventive measures to keep pests out of your office in the first place. Consider these tips:

Clean At-Risk Areas

Insects and larger pests are typically attracted to specific areas within your office, like food sources or dark environments. These at-risk places should be kept clean and organized to keep pests at bay. You should pay particular attention to places such as employee break rooms, kitchens, loading docks, dumpsters close to buildings, storage closets, and areas behind large equipment.

Tidy Up Inside

While some at-risk regions should take precedence, you should also be sure to keep your entire interior office clean. That includes organizing and reducing clutter, designating a single food area for the whole office, and using fake plants instead of real ones. All of these techniques can make your office less attractive to unwanted visitors.

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Secure the Outside of Your Office

Rodents and other pests are known for their ability to squeeze into small places to get inside. Take a look at the outer walls of your building for small holes, cracks, and crevices and seal them. Eliminating these entry points will be a sure-fire way to ensure pests don’t get inside.

You should also be sure to keep any dumpsters or trash cans at a considerable distance from your office entry. Certain pests use these as breeding grounds and eventually make their way inside. Also, be sure to keep them tightly secure no matter how close or far they are from your facility. Similarly, keeping any vegetation at least a foot away from your building will help reduce the risk of a pest or insect infestation.

Use Integrated Pest Management

If you want the job done right, reaching out to a professional pest control company that utilizes an integrated pest management (IPM) process may be your best choice. IPM uses the least invasive method of controlling pests, so your office’s daily activities are not interrupted. The individual components include inspection, monitoring, assessment, treatment, and evaluation.

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When it comes to work, the last thing you or any of your employees wants to see is a rat in the break room or a cockroach in the hallway. Instead, your office building should be a clean place where employees are motivated to be productive – not distracted by pests or insects. Informing your employees about the signs of potential pests and what measures to take to prevent them can help keep your facility pest-free and operational. To ensure your building is safe from pests today, schedule a service with us here.

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