How To Recognize And Control Asian Cockroach Pests

How To Recognize And Control Asian Cockroach Pests

A large number of cockroach species that are known pests of homes and buildings can be found in Houston including German, American, Oriental, smokybrown, brown-banded, and Turkestan cockroaches. Virtually all cockroach pest species in the US are non-native, and most originate from tropical regions. One of the most recently introduced cockroach species in the US is commonly known as the Asian cockroach, and it has become abundant in the Gulf Coast states. Unfortunately, the Asian cockroach is one of the most common cockroach species encountered within households, apartment complexes and buildings in Houston.

According to a recent nationwide survey of pest control professionals, the Asian cockroach was the seventh most commonly managed cockroach species within homes during 2016. This is a surprising ranking considering that the survey includes all states, most of which are not home to the Asian cockroach. Asian cockroaches were first discovered in the United States when specimens were collected from southern Florida back in 1986, and they began to invade Texas shortly after the turn of the millenium. Like most cockroach pest species, Asian cockroaches dwell primarily outdoors, but they are capable of reproducing and living out their life cycle indoors.

Asian cockroaches are nearly identical to German cockroaches, as both species are brown in color and around ½ inch in length. Unlike German cockroaches, however, Asian cockroaches are capable flyers, and they begin taking flight shortly after sundown, but they will fly during the day if they become disturbed. While flying, these cockroaches are attracted to light-colored surfaces and brightly lit areas, which is why they often gravitate into homes and around porches. Using sodium vapor lamps for motion lights and using yellow bulbs for porch lighting will not attract Asian cockroaches as readily as typical white light. Asian cockroaches are difficult to control due to their mobility and ability to adapt to various environments, but pellet baits scattered throughout yards have proven effective at preventing these pests from invading homes.

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