How To Mosquito-Proof Your Yard

How To Mosquito-Proof Your Yard

Mosquitoes are creatures whose size belies their power. Tiny but mighty, these blood-sucking insects spread so many diseases that they are considered to be the deadliest animal on earth. Those mosquito bites don’t just itch and annoy—they can also carry serious viruses such as West Nile virus, Chikungunya, Zika virus, and more.

Keeping your family safe from these dangerous pests begins, literally, in your own back yard. Follow these prevention and treatment tips to mosquito-proof your yard:

Preventing Backyard Mosquitoes:

Get rid of standing water. 

Pools of water act as a breeding ground for mosquito larvae so remove breeding opportunities by filling in puddles, emptying children’s toys, and storing garden equipment upside down and/or under a cover.

Drain or fill swampy soil.

Any area of soil that collects water after rain can act as an attractive place for mosquitoes to breed.

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Treat ponds.

Any fish ponds you have on your property should be appropriately treated to prevent mosquito breeding.

Mosquito eating fish.

Stock your pond with koi, guppies, minnow, goldfish and other types of fish that will gobble up mosquito larvae before they have a  chance to become adults.

Clean pools.

Keep swimming pools and hot tubs cleaned and balanced with the appropriate chemicals to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Use bug light bulbs.

Incandescent bulbs act as an invitation for bugs—instead, choose a yellow-tinted LED light bulb for your porch or other outdoor lighting.

Mosquito nets.

Surrounding your toddler’s outdoor play area or family picnic table with a mosquito net or tent will help to keep critters away from your family.

Avoid over-watering grass.

If your grass gets too wet, puddles can be created that draw in mosquitoes for laying their eggs. Keep an eye on your automatic sprinkler system to be sure it isn’t making the grass too moist.

Outdoor Fans.

Keeping air moving helps keep mosquitoes away as they are not willing to fly into a strong wind. In addition, the breeze from a fan keeps the carbon dioxide emissions stirred up in the air, making it more difficult for mosquitoes to find their human prey.

Repelling lanterns and candles.

Temporary options for mosquito control, such as candles and lanterns, may work for a little while but are not at the top of the list for effectiveness.

Options for Mosquito Treatment:

In2Care® Mosquito Traps

An innovative design that attracts the specific type of mosquito that carries many deadly viruses (Aedes), In2Care mosquito traps use environmentally friendly ingredients to kill both adults and their larvae. This type of trap, made from plastic, is installed in your yard and filled with water that contains an odor lure. When mosquitoes enter the trap, they come into contact with a larvicide and fungus, which they then take back to their nests to effectively kill off the rest of the population.

Mosquito traps effectively stop the development of mosquito-borne viruses by kill off larvae inside the trap, larvae in surrounding breeding sites, and exposed mosquitoes. Learn more about In2Care mosquito traps.

Video courtesy of In2Care®

Community Fogging

For neighborhoods who choose to work together to fight against mosquito infestation, fogging works effectively to control mosquitoes within a large radius. This treatment is typically applied once a week by a professional mosquito control service throughout the neighborhood or for community events.

Backyard Fogging

Your yard can be individually fogged by a technician, approximately every three weeks, to reduce the mosquito population near your home. This can also work as a standalone service for special events or gatherings.

For the very best in Houston mosquito control, contact Cypress Creek Pest Control to manage populations and stop the spread of viruses through mosquito trapping, fogging, and other effective pest control services.

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