How to Keep Your Kitchen Ant-Free?

How to Keep Your Kitchen Ant-Free?

Do you love your kitchen? Yes.

Ok, let us modify the question. Do you love your kitchen with ants?

A big no.

Every homeowner has to deal with getting rid of ants at some point of time in their life. You will see the iconic line of these pesky pests, marching in a single line, looking for food on the kitchen counter.

To remove these pests is not easy. There are steps to be taken to get rid of ants as soon as possible as they carry various diseases.

Mission Ant-Free Kitchen:

There are tips and tricks to remove ants from your beloved kitchen. Ants are generally attracted to sweet food. Keeping food in jars will not bother them at all. These pesky pests will get into bread, sugar, crackers, and other dry goods if they desire. Following are the tips to keep ants at bay in your kitchen:

  • Keep the kitchen tops, shelves, gas, and other surrounding areas of the kitchen clean.
  • Keep the garbage box closed all the time and dispose of any leftover food particles immediately.
  • Even if the garbage box is outside your house, dispose of it as soon as possible. Keeping garbage boxes for a long time will attract fungus that would be terrible.
  • Dispose of the vegetable peels and eggshells into a plastic bag. Do not stack them.
  • Ants love to hide in moist and dark places. Double-check any wet areas in and around your kitchen, or maybe you left some extra water while cleaning.
  • Use refrigerator to store fruits like apple or mango. Leaving the fruits open on the kitchen counter will attract ants as they love sugary fruits.
  • Use good quality airtight jars to store food so that the ants will not ponder inside it.
  • If you find any cracks in the walls of your kitchen, seal them immediately. The cracks or holes might be a nesting place of these pesky pests.
  • Keep the habit of cleaning the kitchen sink every day after dinner. Keeping all the leftover plates and bowls in the sink will attract ants.
  • Clean the drainage sink of your kitchen every alternate day, if not every day. Pour half cup of vinegar into hot water and spread across.
  • Spread a baking soda around the affected areas to remove ants.
  • At the entry points of the ants, place cucumber slices. The ants will disappear in no time.
  • Spot the hiding places of these pesky pests. If you find their hiding places in your kitchen, you can use a soap water solution to wash them with water and get rid of ants.
  • Keep an eye on the racks and shelves of the kitchen as ants love to hide behind them.
  • Try to take the help of professional pest control experts. They will clean your house and kitchen and ensure that the ants do not invade your kitchen again.

Wrapping up:

Keeping ants at bay is not rocket science. These pests can pose a threat if they get into your food and kitchen. Try out the above tips to remove ants. If the problem is severe, call the pest control professionals to solve the ant issues.

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