How to Keep Mice and Rats Out of Your Texas Home

How to Keep Mice and Rats Out of Your Texas Home

Rodents can be a real problem in many parts of Texas. They can cause a variety of issues, such as spreading disease, destroying property, and contaminating food. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent mice and rats from making your home their own. Here are some tips for keeping rodents out of your home.

Seal Up Holes and Cracks

Mice and rats can squeeze through surprisingly small holes and cracks—as small as the size of a dime—so it’s important to make sure all potential entry points are sealed up tight. This includes any gaps around windows, doors, vents, pipes, or wires that enter your home. You should also check around the foundation of your house for any possible entry points. If you find any large holes or cracks, fill them with steel wool or expandable foam before sealing them up with caulk or mortar mix.

Keep Food Securely Stored

Rats and mice will often come into homes looking for food or shelter. Make sure that all food items are stored in airtight containers so they aren’t accessible to rodents. You should also avoid leaving any crumbs on countertops or floors; if you do have spills, clean them up immediately. Lastly, keep pet food in sealed bags or containers when not in use so that it doesn’t attract rodents into your home.

Call an Exterminator

If you suspect that you have an infestation of mice or rats in your home, it’s best to call a professional exterminator right away. While there are DIY methods available for rodent control (such as traps), these methods may not be enough to completely eliminate the infestation from your home. A qualified exterminator will be able to identify the source of the problem and provide effective solutions to get rid of the rodents quickly and safely. At Cypress Creek Pest Control we offer free estimates so give us a call today!

Rodents can be difficult pests to get rid of once they have infiltrated your home, so it is important to take proactive measures such as sealing up entry points and storing food securely to prevent an infestation from occurring in the first place. But if you do find yourself dealing with an infestation of mice or rats in your Texas home, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced pest control company0 right away! We offer free estimates and are committed to helping our customers solve their rodent control problems quickly and effectively – no matter how big or small the issue may be! Visit us on-line at https://cycreekpestcontrol.com/schedule-service/

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