If you’ve ever encountered an annoying house fly while trying to get work done, you’re not alone. The incessant buzzing, disappearance, and inevitable reappearance of a fly in your office not only disrupts concentration and workflow, but can also be the catalyst for serious fits of rage.

Not only are they annoying, flies are filthy pests that carry all kinds of germs on their mouths and feet. E.Coli, typhoid, and salmonella are just a few of more than 100 diseases flies can carry around that might contaminate your workspace. Flies typically have a life span of less than 30 days, but they can wreak a lot of havoc in that short time. Flies breed quickly and prolifically, and the warm weather in Houston makes a perfect place for flies to infest year round.

Try these tips to help with commercial pest control, keeping pests such as flies out of your office:

Eliminate Entry Points

Although you can’t eradicate flies from the earth all on your own, you can work to prevent them from coming into your office or place of business. Check windows, doors, and other possible entry points to be sure there are no cracks or crevices for flies to get inside. Make sure doors and windows remain closed at all times when not in use, and that all weather stripping is intact. Have vents checked for cracks or holes where flies could get in.

Restrict Breeding Sites

General cleanliness and housekeeping are critical for fly control. Abandoned, half-eaten lunches are particularly attractive to flies and other pests. Keep the office kitchen tidy and be sure the trash is taken out every day. Keep any food closed up in sealable plastic containers. Be sure to wipe up spills, especially sticky or sweet liquids like fruit juice or soft drinks. Assign one person to be responsible for cleaning the kitchen, or come up with a staff rotation to assure the kitchen isn’t attractive to flies.

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Check Outdoor Areas

Keeping the areas outside of your office fly-free will help to prevent them from coming inside. Since flies are attracted to rotting substances such as food, feces, and other organic materials, be sure that dumpsters or other garbage collection sites are kept far away from building entry points. Make sure that garbage cans have tight-fitting lids and are kept clean. Moist or damp areas such as puddles around your building could indicate a breeding site for some types of flies or other pests, so eliminate these with proper drainage.

Kill Existing Flies

Killing flies is a bit more complicated that simply following them around with a fly swatter. Traps may work for adult flies. But if they’ve been laying eggs then it will be necessary to go to the source of the problem. Identifying and eliminating areas where eggs may be deposited is critical to stop house fly breeding where it begins. This may be an expected breeding site such as a garbage can or uncovered food, or it could be more complicated and difficult to find.

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Contact a Professional

The best practice for office fly control in Houston is to engage a commercial pest control professional who can assess the situation. A professional will not only eliminate existing flies, but will find the source of infestation in order to prevent further problems. Services should include inspection, elimination, and prevention of possible future infestations. A professional commercial pest control company can take care of your worries about office fly control so that you can go back to managing your business.

For assistance with office fly control in Houston, contact Cypress Creek Pest Control.

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