Everyone wants and deserves a clean, safe and pest free space to work in. In general, insects, rodents and other pests can bring unhealthy conditions to your working space including opportunities for disease, allergies and  bug bites.

What can you and your employees do to make sure you are working in a pest free environment?

Step number one is to hire a professional pest control service to treat and monitor your office building for pests. Most commercial pest control companies will suggest an IPM (integrated Pest Management) Plan for your building. This involves a thorough inspection of the facility, treatment where required and ongoing monitoring for pests.

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This approach is typically in keeping with most company’s environmental goals by eliminating the indiscriminate spraying of chemicals in the interior of the building and moving to inspection and monitoring. The benefit is a healthier work environment for your employees.

Be the Solution for Pest Free Environment

You and your employees also become part of the solution. Having designated spaces for eating and keeping food eliminates food sources for ants, rodents and other office dwelling pests. Sanitation in the workspace is especially important. Ensure you have regular trash disposal. Live house plants can be a breeding ground for those annoying gnats. Be sure the plants are not being over watered.

If there are any leaky pipes or other water sources be sure to have that fixed or cleaned up as pests need water sources to breed or flourish.

If there are open windows in your office check to see the screens are in good repair with no holes or gaps that pests can enter. If your building has doors that open to the outdoors, check to see the weatherstriping completely closes the gaps between the door and the door jamb. Mice can fit into opening as small as ¼ inch!

Cypress Creek Pest Control provides IPM Services to many Class A office buildings throughout Houston. With our green approach to providing services we have had several of our buildings win awards.

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