How To Find Mouse Entry Points Into The Home

How To Find Mouse Entry Points Into The Home

Mice are very small animals that can squeeze through even smaller holes in order to enter a home. In fact, if they can find a crack that is about the size of a dime, they are able to get through it to the other side. This is why you need to focus as much on prevention as you do on control. Poisons and traps will only do so much if the mice can enter the home again through these small holes in the wall. So how exactly can you find these holes and seal them?

Indoor inspection

The first place to start your inspection process is indoors. Mice will set up nests indoors, and they will need to make holes to get out of them. These holes may also be their connection to the outdoors. By sealing them, you lock the mice out of most areas of your home. Here is where you need to check:

  • The basement
  • Crawl spaces
  • Near drains
  • Under pipes
  • Near air vents
  • Around windows and doors
  • Behind appliances
  • Behind kitchen cabinets
  • Baseboards

Outdoor inspection

Once you’ve inspected inside the home, it’s time to look at the exterior. Here, you will have to look in the following areas:

  • Vents and airways
  • The roof and attic
  • The weather stripping to see if it’s worn out
  • The garage
  • Around electrical wiring, gas lines and pipes
  • The foundation

Sealing any gaps that you find

Once you’ve identified the entry points, it’s time to seal them. For small holes, you can use steel wool, which mice cannot chew through. For larger gaps, you will need to use caulk, repair them with concrete, or patch them with metal sheeting or screens. Any weather stripping that is worn-out will have to be replaced as well. As an extra measure, you should also fix any leaking pipes and remove any standing water. These measures will protect you from mice and from a variety of other pests such as mosquitoes and termites.

If you need help with implementing these prevention measures, or getting rid of a mouse infestation we can help you out. Sometimes, these entry points can be well-hidden, and a pro has the experience needed to find them quickly. Contact us today for more information or to set up an appointment.

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