Think about your ideal work atmosphere. It probably involves a quiet space, a good area to spread out your computer and tools, collaborative coworkers, and maybe a beautiful window that brings in a lot of sunshine.

It almost definitely doesn’t involve flies buzzing around your head or an army of ants stealing crumbs out of your office kitchen. And it shouldn’t. Pests pose health risks, cause disturbances, and muddle your perception to visitors. Now that we’ve grossed you out, here are the most common intruders you’ll find and our tips on how to combat them and keep your office clean.

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Common Critters Spiders

Spiders. Spiders prey on other insects, so if you have a spider problem in your office, you probably have a full-on bug problem. Spiders lurk in dry, warm locations like desks, vents, and corners.

Ants. You can find ants wherever the food in your office is located – out in the open, in the kitchen, in the garbage.

Cockroaches. Cockroaches, like ants, like the food your employees discard or have lying around their desks. However, they also like glue, past, and other office supplies. They could be hiding in your kitchen or supply closets.

Bed Bugs. Not just found in your kid’s bedroom, bed bugs hide in your office’s furniture and other fabrics. If not dealt with, employees risk bringing them home with them!

Flies. Flies seem to be everywhere, but they come because they’re attracted to moist organic material in or near your office – that’s where they prefer to lay their eggs! Also read: How to Keep Flies Out of The Office

Termites. Termites like wood. But they also can be found in anything that contains cellulose, which includes cardboard, plants, and regular paper.

Silverfish. You can find silverfish around bathrooms, due to their love of humidity. They will travel around your office, hiding in book bindings and or starchy material.

Rodents. If your workplace is just generally dirty, rats and other rodents may take up shelter there. They forage for food in dumpsters, smaller trashcans, and any unsealed containers that have food.

Drain Flies. Dirty pipes? Unwashed sink in the bathroom or kitchen? That is paradise to drain flies.

What Can You Do About Pests Ransacking Your Office?

If someone in your office starts noticing bugs, begin by alerting the rest of your employees. Together, try and identify the problem area. Clean the area with products that are already In your office, or were bought for your office. Bugs and other critters may hitch a ride on pesticides and other cleaning supplies brought in from home.

Once you’ve cleaned the area, eliminated the clutter, and rid yourself of bugs, remember to be proactive. Office pest control isn’t a one-and-done type of situation. Don’t let it happen again by maintaining an ongoing cleanup system. Here are our tips:

  • Don’t eat at your desk. Eating at your desk isn’t inherently wrong, but you may leave crumbs and other food bits or your chair, keyboard, or desk. These attract ants and cockroaches, so it’s best to eat in a designated space – or be sure to clean your desk thoroughly are when you’re finished.
  • Don’t leave unsealed food or drinks unattended on your desk. Moisture attracts many bugs, like flies. Food attracts others. Sugary elements in both drinks and food draw both.
  • Maintain a clean pantry and fridge. Both of these areas pose a high risk of attracting bugs who like improperly stored food, moisture, and crumbs. Regularly cleaning it will prevent them from being drawn.
  • Encourage your employees to clean. If everyone pitches in, you’re on the road to success. Consider assigning different roles to people weekly, and make sure to remove clutter, dust as much as possible, wipe down electronic equipment, and clean any curtains you may have.

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If you don’t keep your office clean, bugs will keep coming back which could lead to health and other consequences. For example, rats spread disease while chewing on electrical cords and potentially bringing down your servers. To ensure neither of these things happens, you must be alert and maintain cleanliness.

However, if it gets to such an extreme you cannot handle it yourself, consult a commercial pest control service. You want to remove your problem as not to create any more. At Cypress Creek, we’re experts in dealing with any pest in any office environment. Use the experts for your office pest control by contacting us today.

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