How Knowledgeable is Your Pest Technician?

How Knowledgeable is Your Pest Technician?

The pest industry has changed dramatically in the past years. The indiscriminate spraying of chemicals is no longer the norm. Companies, schools, food service and people are demanding an integrated pest management approach to pest control.

For the new order of pest control to be effective, your technician has to receive more training than ever in monitoring and identifying pests. For example, if you have an ant problem and the technician hasn’t properly identified the type of ants, treating with the wrong product can cause the ants to “bud” (spread to new locations) compounding the ant problem.

The industry as a whole has developed a certification process that includes intensive training. The program is known as Quality Pro™. Less than 3% of all companies nationwide have earned this designation. This is a designation to look for when selecting a qualified pest control company.

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You may also want to look for the longevity of the technicians at the pest control company. This will tell you several different things:

  1. The company treats the employees well.
  2. The technicians are experienced “pest detectives” and are versed in discovering conducive conditions and identifying pests.
  3. They will provide excellent service or they would not be with the company a long time.

If a pest control company has high turnover the technicians may have a series of employees that are new to the industry. It takes a while to become familiar with the different pests and sometimes identification is difficult for even the seasoned representative. A qualified manager will be on staff to help with identification if the technicians have questions. This gives you an extra level of experience.

When the technician arrives at your home or place of business, do they inquire about any recent pest problems you may have noticed? Seasoned technicians will try to discover the root of any problems you may be experiencing.

If the problems are mice, rats, bats, other vermin or nuisance animals entering your property; a good technician will be able to discover the entry points and make the necessary exclusions to prevent the pests from entering. They will also be able to identify conducive conditions and bring those to your attention so you can make corrects to sanitation, habitat or food sources

Pest control is the ability to monitor, identify and treat the appropriate pest with the correct product.

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