How Crazy Are Crazy Ants? Houston Ant Control Experts

How Crazy Are Crazy Ants? Houston Ant Control Experts

Allow us to introduce crazy ants to all those who think that fire ants are a nuisance to the homeowners. Officially called “Rasberry Crazy Ants,” these ants were first found in Houston in 2002. The exterminator found them in an electrical circuit chewing all the wires and giving an electric shock. Hence, the name crazy ants.

Most important, beware!

Crazy ants show no sign of stopping.

Why are they called crazy ants?

These ants are considered crazy because of their erratic trailing movements. The pheromone trails don’t seem to be neat like other species of ants. It is because of their long legs, and they move quickly. Hence, it looks like an erratic trailing appearance while moving.

These ant species can form colonies a hundred times denser than the other species of ants. It consists of thousands of worker ants and numerous queen ants living in a single ant colony. These ant species have high aggression and sting aggressively. So, now you are satisfied with how crazy ants can be a problem.

Where do crazy ants nest?

Crazy ants can nest their colonies both inside and outside the house. These species usually nest around the tree cavities, in the soil, under the rotten wood when outdoors.

Crazy ants can’t live or survive in winter. They will shift their nests inside your home and find a suitable place to live when the weather becomes too cold.

Threats from Crazy Ants:

Crazy ants are well known for their enormous population. They can take over your yard and home quickly. They are known for their bites, but it causes less pain and swelling than other ants’ species. These ants pose a threat when they invade your home in large numbers and get inside the electrical equipment, causing it to malfunction.

Signs of Crazy Ants infestation:

The jerky move is the best sign of Crazy ants’ infestation. Other ant species will move in a straight line, marching towards the sources of food. On the other hand, these ant species will move in a zigzag pattern. The unique and crazy way of moving in and around the house is the sign of having an ant infestation.

How do you prevent Crazy Ants?

Preventing crazy ants is difficult. One can have a yearly pest control program to remove these pesky pests. Other preventive measures are as follows:

  • Seal cracks and holes found in and around your house walls.
  • Seal the gaps found around the windows and doors to prevent ants from entering your house.
  • Trim the large trees and bushes in your backyard or garden.
  • Remove dead trees from your yard and garden lawn.
  • Dispose of the debris and piles of dried leaves fallen around the backyard.
  • Make sure to tighten the garbage bins to avoid the ants entering into the garbage bins as well.

How to control Crazy ants?

Typical ant control treatments do not remove Crazy ants infestation as these species have avoided many ant baits. Immediately call pest control experts because they have the necessary experience and tools to deal with these ant species.

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