How Black Widow Spider Infestations Are Removed

How Black Widow Spider Infestations Are Removed

Black widow spider infestations can be a nightmare and it’s a top priority to remove them as soon as you notice the first signs of an infestation. But can these spiders be removed using DIY methods, and if not, then how do professionals get rid of them? Let’s find out.


It can be hard to prevent black widows from entering the home. Because of their small size, they can squeeze through tiny spaces and get inside. They may be interested in the home for a variety of reasons, ranging from food to shelter. However, a pest control pro can use residual insecticides to deny spiders access into the building. Once set, these insecticides will be active for a long period of time, and they will prevent most ground-based insects from entering the home. Besides this treatment method, you can also make sure that you keep the clutter in the home and the garage to a minimum. Black widows like to hide in dark corners, and most bites occur when rummaging through boxes or clothes and a spider is hiding inside them.


When dealing with a black widow infestation, it’s best to work with a pro, because of the threat posed by these spiders and because it’s important to remove the entire infestation. A pro will use several methods when dealing with the spiders. It will all start with an inspection, which is meant to locate any black widows and their nests. Then, once the spiders have been located, the pro will either spray the spiders with an insecticide or use a vacuuming tool to pick them and their eggs up. Once the visible spiders have been removed, residual insecticides may be used. These insecticides are not only good for prevention, they can also be very effective when removing a black widow infestation.

The insecticides are applied in areas that are frequented by black widows, such as the basement or the crawl space and they can be very effective at destroying entire populations that are present within the home. On top of that, they will prevent reinfestation. After the control procedures have been implemented, most or all of the black widows in the home should be gone.

If you would like to know more information about how black widow infestations are prevented and controlled, or if you have a black widow infestation in your home, contact us today.

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