How Are Yellow Jacket Infestations Removed?

How Are Yellow Jacket Infestations Removed?

Yellow jacket nests can be very dangerous. These insects are very territorial and defensive when it comes to their nest, and simply approaching one of these nests can trigger a swarm that will attack. On top of that, in large enough quantities, yellow jacket venom can send a person to the hospital. Let’s take a look at how these nests are removed by a pest control pro.

Stage 1: Inspection

The first stage of the process is the inspection, which is necessary to determine the location of the nest, and the species behind the infestation. This information will help determine the approach to controlling the infestation. Different wasp species will build their nests differently and in different locations, and some may require a specific control method in order for it to be removed. If the nest is located outdoors, or if you know the location of the nest, this part of the process is fairly short. However, if the location is unknown, or if the wasp nest is in a wall void, it may take an hour or two to correctly identify the nest.

Stage 2: Control

With the nest located, and the species responsible identified, it’s time to move on to the control stage of the process. During this stage, the pro will use various insecticides and tools to safely kill all the wasps in the colony. The location of the nest will play a part here. If the nest is easily accessible, residual insecticides will be placed near the entrance, which will kill any yellow jackets going in and out of the colony. If the entrance cannot be reached, different methods will be necessary, including the application of dust insecticide that will surround the nest with a poisonous “cloud”.

Stage 3: Cleanup

After the yellow jacket population has been cleared out, all that remains is the removal and destruction of the nest structure itself. It’s important to destroy this structure because another yellow jacket queen or colony may move into the nest and start growing.

Yellow jacket infestations cannot be handled through DIY measures, because these insects are very aggressive when the nests are approached, and they will attack in swarms. A pro has the equipment and experience needed to safely tackle these infestations.

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