Help! There’s a Snake in My Houston Yard

Help! There’s a Snake in My Houston Yard

Have No Fear – Snakes Can Be Good!

Snakes are for the most part very beneficial. The reason they create a problem is because most people have a fear of them. Yes, there are venomous snakes but they are not very common in most suburban areas.

We have seen problems when there is clearing of woods or pastures for new buildings. This tends to push snakes into the more populated surroundings. This brings complaints such as snakes in the yard or garden, snakes inside the home or garage, snakes living under a deck or shed, snakes in the swimming pool, fear of children or pets being bitten.

When Snakes Pose A Problem

Snakes can be good to have around as they eat bugs, worms, and rodents that damage property. You might not want a snake either poisonous or otherwise lurking around your home or garden. This is especially true if the snake has set up shop and decided to raise a family. You certainly don’t want dozens of them roaming around.

Snakes are drawn to areas around human dwellings for various reasons. An unkempt home with tall grass full of insects may be tempting to a snake. Poor sanitation around a home will lead to rodents which is a main food source for snakes. Some are drawn to swimming pools where they will bask on the edge and perhaps enter the pool for hydration and find they can’t get out.

It is best to call a professional Houston pest control company if you have a major pest infestation. They will be able to identify the snakes and remove and relocate it. They can also identify where the snakes are entering your home, if that is the problem.  If you’re ready to have a snake or pest inspection, save some cash in your wallet and download our coupons!

Helpful Tips to Keep Snakes Away 

Some helpful hints on keeping snakes away are to:

  • Keep your grass cut short to eliminate hiding places or places to keep cool in the hot weather.
  • Make sure the bushes and shrubs around your house are kept trimmed back because snakes like to seek those cools paces in the hot weather.
  • There are many repellent products on the market but most of them don’t work well. Your pest control expert will have access to the products that do work well.
  • There are also snake traps available; however these only work for a while as snakes will learn not to go into them.  Obviously you will only want to use this method with non-venomous snakes.
  • If you have an outdoor dog or cat, chances are a snake will stay away since most of them are shy and will avoid confrontation. If you happen to see a non-venomous snake you can make a lot of noise and stamp and it will usually run away. There are some exceptions as with several species of venomous snakes like the water moccasin, copperhead and others that are aggressive.
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