House Mice And Pet Food

House Mice And Pet Food

House mice infest about 21 million US homes each year. That’s a huge number, and to make matters worse, they’re not only creepy, they are downright dangerous. They can spread over 35 diseases to humans, trigger asthma and allergies, and cause structural damage to the home. With these kinds of numbers, it may seem like the situation is hopeless – a mouse will find a way into your home no matter what. However, there may be something that attracts mice without a lot of homeowners knowing about it, and that something is pet food.

Leaving pet food out overnight is a big draw

We all know that unsealed food can be very attractive for a wide variety of pests, but few of us give second thought to leaving pet food out in the bowl overnight. Well, as it turns out, house mice and other vermin love pet food. Why wouldn’t they? They’re omnivorous animals, and if dogs or cats like a certain kind of food, odds are that rodents will as well. This is why you never want to leave pet food out in the open.

Wet food is an even bigger draw

Wet food is much more preferable to mice than dry food, because it provides all the necessary moisture that mice need to survive. Mice rarely drink water. They have small bodies, which get all of their water needs met from the food that they eat. On top of that, wet food has a stronger odor, so it’s an even bigger draw. If you feed your pets wet food, you have to get rid of any leftovers as soon as they are done eating.

Make sure to clean the pet food bowls every night

Since both dry food and wet food can draw in mice, you want to make sure that you keep pet food bowls clean. Cleaning them after every meal is great, but you can also clean them every night and still get some great results. You also want to make sure that you store all pet food in sealed plastic containers.

What to do if mice entered the home?

Sometimes, mice will simply enter the home because they want shelter and it’s cold outside. Whatever the reason behind the infestation may be, you want to get rid of it as fast as possible. This is where we come in. Contact us today if you have a house mouse infestation that has to be removed.

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