Attic? Crawl Space? Storage Closet? Almost every house has rooms that are neglected or forgotten. And these forgotten rooms are like a dream come true for rodents such as rats who are excited to bring their filth and germs into your home.

Rats and mice can cause serious amounts of property damage to your home if they remain undetected. Not only will they chew through baseboards and other parts of your property, but their tendency to chew through electrical wires makes rodents responsible for up to ¼ of house fires in the US each year.

Rats are proficient at slipping through spaces under doors, cracks around windows, or even tiny holes in the wall that were made for wires or cables to come inside the house. While their bodies look big, they are able to squeeze themselves into smaller-than-expected-holes to get to a hidden place where they have access to food and nesting materials. Rats will rummage through any kind of junk to forage for food. And since rats are nocturnal and like a lot of privacy, your forgotten rooms are a perfect place for them to set up their homes.  

How to Practice Rat Control

Keeping rats and mice out of the forgotten rooms of your house is easier if you are proactive rather than reactive. Houston rodent control requires a bit of common sense, a lot of diligence, some home maintenance and possibly help from a professional.

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Engage these tips to keep rats out:  

Seal Off Entry Points. Keeping rodents out requires paying attention. Watch for cracks around windows. Use weather stripping to seal large gaps under doors. Caulk around areas that could be used as entry points such as the spaces around where cables, wires or pipes enter the house. Chimneys and air vents should be covered with mesh or screen with holes small enough to keep pests out. Weather stripping, loose mortar and insulation can all play a role in inviting rats into your home so make sure these are kept in good repair.

Eliminate Moisture. Good ventilation helps to keep attics dry, which removes the attraction factor for rats and mice. For rooms that are susceptible to moisture, run a dehumidifier to keep pests from being interested.

Remove Nesting Options. Cardboard boxes attract rodents as they tend to make happy little nests and are easy to chew through. Books and other papers are also attractive to rats. Get rid of the cardboard boxes and store everything in plastic, sealable containers that are stored off of the floor. The more organized your forgotten rooms are, the less attractive they will be to rodents.

Monitor the Roof. Rats may crawl around on your roof looking for an entry point to your home, and you don’t want them to find it. Seal up cracks and holes as well as re-affixing loose shingles to keep rats, mice and other pests out.

Get Help. Knowing when you need help from a pest control professional is key. A licensed pest control professional can perform an inspection and recommend an extermination and prevention plan for keeping your home safe and pest-free.

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