Five Reasons Professional Pest Prevention is Critical for Your Home

Five Reasons Professional Pest Prevention is Critical for Your Home

Professional pest control services may seem unnecessary until the day you find that your home has been completely infested with tiny little insects! Especially as temperatures drop, insects are searching for a place to stay warm and they may find that your house is the perfect spot—whether or not you have welcomed them in. Whether slithering, burrowing, crawling, or scooting, pests can find their way in through cracks, crevices, and the tiniest spaces to infest your home and wreak havoc on your life. Controlling pests professionally offers an affordable solution to save you time and provide peace of mind.

Stay Healthy with Professional Pest Control

Pests carry with them diseases of many kinds. Cockroaches are infamous for their filthy germ-spreading habits, carrying salmonella and E coli. Ticks act as carriers of Lyme disease which is connected with extreme fatigue, rash, and other severe symptoms of illness. Ants have the opportunity to bring contamination to your family’s food, while bee’s nests and wasps nest not only sting but can cause allergic reactions. Professional pest control allows for the safe distribution of the chemicals that are needed for your particular area and property to keep illness and allergies at bay.

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Avoid Property Damage

In addition to risking your family’s health, certain kinds of pests can cause property damage that may seem insignificant at first, but expands over time. Moths munch away at expensive textiles, such as blankets and sweaters, while termites chomp at the wooden foundation that holds up your home. Professional pest control services cater to the needs of your specific geographic area, protecting your home from local pests that can be damaging and destructive.

Save Money by Preventing Infestations

From a cost standpoint, prevention is much more affordable than extermination. The average annual cost to cover year ‘round pest control is a few hundred dollars, in comparison with the thousands of dollars that can accumulate when you need to repair an infestation. Not to mention the inconvenience of having your home fumigated. And for those considering do-it-yourself home pest control, a lack of expertise can end up costing more money as the wrong chemicals might be used for the specific needs of the home, potentially resulting in the need to double up on pest prevention products.

Timing Is Everything

Although it’s tempting to think that it might be easy to simply pick up some pest control chemicals at the local hardware or garden store, there is more detail involved in pest control than one might think. Because of the life cycles of pests, using pest control products at the right time in each season is critical to their effectiveness. Professional pest prevention is provided at the exact time when it is needed, with exactly the right amounts of chemicals applied in exactly the right way.

When treating the exterior of a home for pest control, most professionals can manage the entire process without requiring someone to be at home. Homeowners can continue on at work while pest prevention is exercised, saving time and making scheduling easy.

Ineffective DIY Pest Control

While it might seem attractive and more affordable, Do-it-Yourself pest protection is not usually all it’s cracked up to be. The cost might be a bit lower, but the chemicals are also likely less effective as certain pesticides are not made available to the general public. And even the chemicals that are available can be hazardous if not appropriately applied.

In addition, the time involved and the lack of professional care makes the DYI route significantly less effective—especially over the long haul. Professional pest protection includes not only treating the house with pest control chemicals, but also regular inspections of the property, performed by experts, to identify unique needs and address them quickly and effectively.

One additional risk involved in using DIY chemicals is that they simply might not work. When professionals perform pest control services, they will typically stand behind their care and repeat the treatment if it hasn’t worked. A bottle of chemicals is not likely to have a guarantee of such kind and can wind up causing ineffective and costly mistakes.

Pest Control Program: Solutions for House Pest Prevention

A professional pest control program offers the peace of mind that comes from prevention of pest infestation through regular inspection and care. Throughout the changing of seasons, Houston residents may find themselves concerned about new and different types of pests that seek to sneak into their homes including ants, roaches, earwigs, and sow bugs. Professional pest prevention keeps these invaders away before they can get close to your home and family, allowing you just the right amount of peace of mind for an affordable cost.

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