Facts And Tips About Termite Control

Facts And Tips About Termite Control

Termites survive through cooperation, with each member of a colony striving for the success of the whole. Workers tend to live long lives of about two years, and the colony perpetuates itself, constantly being able to find food sources and grow. Termites also build their colonies in a way that protects them from the environment and from predators.

These insects are known to be very destructive and resilient, and these traits are made possible due to the sheer numbers within a termite colony, with small colonies numbering in the thousands, and large colonies going up to a few million members. This makes termite control a top priority whenever an infestation is discovered. Let’s take a look at some facts and tips regarding termite control:

Fact: Researchers have found that one building could be attacked by several termite colonies at once, and even by termite colonies of different species.

Tip: Make sure that your pest control specialist inspects the entire house, even if he does find initial signs of an infestation. If the inspection process is not thorough, then the treatment methods used might not address the whole infestation.

Fact: Subterranean termites will be active year round, if they are in a heated building, but their activity during winter will be slower than it is during the warmer months.

Tip: Termite inspections can help detect an infestation no matter the time of year, even when there are seemingly no outward signs of an infestation. Having termite inspections performed regularly is always effective.

Fact: Metal termite shields that can be built on the top of a crawlspace foundation wall are not 100% effective at preventing an infestation, but they will force subterranean termites to build tubes around them, making detection easier.

Tip: Add metal termite shields to your home if you live in a vulnerable area to increase the odds of detecting an infestation early.

Fact: Subterranean termite colonies can be huge, reaching over 1 million members, and they can extend over several properties.

Tip: When dealing with such an infestation, it’s best to use both a chemical barrier and a bait system to protect your home. This will ensure that your home is protected over an extended period of time.

If you would like to know more about what termite control entails, the costs of various treatments, or if you would like to set up an appointment with a pest control company, contact us today.

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