Effective Strategies For Termite Resistance

Effective Strategies For Termite Resistance

Termites are widespread across the US, and they are responsible for substantial damage to unprotected buildings that use wood as a material. Most of this damage comes from subterranean termites, but recently, a new species has been raising alarms. The Formosan termite is currently found mostly in the southern states, but its population is increasing rapidly, with Louisiana alone seeing a 3,000% increase in the last decade. The threat posed by these pests has led many homeowners to look for effective strategies that can make their homes more resistant to infestation.

One option that is out of reach for most homeowners, but can be an option for future ones, is the all-concrete masonry home. If there isn’t any wood in the home, termites have no reason to infest it, so if you can find an all concrete masonry building, you will never have to worry about termites. However, existing homeowners will have to look for other options.

Reducing the number of entry points

Termites will find a way through exterior concrete or any type of protection that you may have around the home if there are any cracks or openings. For example, they can gain access through the soil under patio slabs and porches, through spaces around the pipes that penetrate foundation walls and slabs, and through access tunnels in exterior and interior walls. Reducing these entry points with the help of a construction team after a termite inspection can make your home much more resilient to infestation.

Minimum soil clearance

For any new wood installations for the home, you want to make sure that you keep a minimum soil clearance of at least 8 inches. While termites cannot leave the safety of the ground or the wood that they infest, they can build tunnels when they need to travel. A clearance of at least 8 inches is enough to throw the termites off the trail and keep the wood out of their reach.

Proper insulation placement

When insulating the basement and the crawlspaces in the home, you may accidentally create a medium through which the termites can reach the wood undetected. Make sure that you talk to a pest control specialist before installing insulation in these areas so that you can keep your home protected.

If you have any questions about these measures, or if you are having termite problems, contact us today and we will help you out.

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