Do Mice Go Upstairs During An Infestation? Houston Mouse Control Experts

Do Mice Go Upstairs During An Infestation? Houston Mouse Control Experts

Mice can be a real headache to deal with, because they are so adept at survival. They can squeeze through tight spaces, dig through building materials, use their keen senses to find food and shelter, and use their climbing abilities to reach almost any area of the house. To make matters worse, they are known to carry diseases, and cause damage in the home with their constant gnawing. The good news is that mice do not run rampant in the home. For the most part, they are interested in finding areas that provide warmth and easy access to food and water. This means that they will usually hang around the kitchen, and mainly avoid going to higher floors.

How mice get to upper floors

There are several ways in which a mouse may get to the upper floors of a building. To start, they are very good jumpers and climbers, so sometimes they will enter a building through the roof or the second or third floor. The mice will either climb a tree and then jump from it onto the home, or they will climb the wall itself if it has a surface that is rough enough to grasp.

Mice may a;sp infest the lower floors of a building first, and then climb to the upper floors through the inside. Stairs are no issue for an athletic mouse, and there are plenty of pipes, wires, and wall voids that connect upstairs and which a mouse can climb on.

Why would mice climb to upper floors?

In a building with multiple apartments, mice have plenty of options. If a kitchen on the third floor has a lot of open food sources for example, mice will go and set up on the third floor. In single-family buildings, you might have food leftovers upstairs, and the mice will try to reach them. The rodents will also be drawn to the attic, because it is dark, cluttered, and often warm, which is the ideal nesting environment for a mouse.

So while not common, you can see mice on the upper floors of a building, but wherever mice are found indoors, they have to be eliminated as soon as possible, given the number of diseases they can spread and the amount of damage that they can do. If you notice signs that there is a mouse infestation in your home, get in touch with us right away, and we will send our team members over to remove the infestation.

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